Astrological chart: Thomas Jefferson

Author of the Declaration of Independence : April 13, 1743 , Shadwell , Virginia , 1:54 AM , LMT (Source: Doris Chase Doane). Died, July 4, 1826 , Monticello , Virginia, 1:53:48 AM , LMT used.

(Ascendant, Aquarius, with Uranus in Capricorn conjunct the Ascendant from H12; MC, Scorpio with Pluto in Scorpio conjunct the MC and North Node; Sun in Aries; Moon in Sagittarius; Mercury in Pisces; Venus in Taurus; Mars and Saturn in Leo with Saturn conjunct the Vertex; Jupiter in Virgo; Neptune in Cancer conjunct Chiron)

The Essential Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson, America’s most distinguished “apostle of liberty”, is best known as the principal author and draftsman of the Declaration of Independence, the document which altered forever the relationship between the American Colonies and England, and precipitated America’s War of Independence, the Revolutionary War. Jefferson became America ’s first secretary of state, its second vice president and, from 1800-1808, the third president of the United States . He was responsible for pushing through the Louisiana Purchase , which more than doubled the size of the American nation. A man of strong idealism, he was an early advocate of the total separation of church and state and for the duration of his life the most eloquent American proponent for the preservation of individual freedom as the core meaning of the American Revolution. He was a staunch enemy not only of foreign imperialism and despotism, but opposed a strong central government (advocated by the Federalists) as a return to the abuses which the Revolution had defeated. A man of many and varied talents, he was also an inventor and scientist, a passionate lover of music and literature and a distinguished architect. He was both the architect and founder of the University of Virginia .

An Astrorayological Overview

Although Jefferson can easily be linked to the first ray through his ongoing interest in government, his unspectacular manner, his preference for working largely through the written word and in committee, and his intelligent and versatile power of manifestation upon the physical plane link him, arguably, more closely to the seventh ray and the Department of Master R., just a Benjamin Franklin can be similarly linked.

The strong first ray which comes through Aries (his Sun Sign) makes it a sign which claims its independence—fitting for one who was the primary author of the Declaration of Independence. Aquarius (his Ascendant) is also rebellious and non-conformist in its attitudes, not to mention democratic. Uranus so close to the Ascendant further indicates genius, the will-to-transform and, again, the urge for independence—an insistence on breaking with the status-quo and doing things in a new and better way.

We see many strong seventh ray indicators which would support the expression of a seventh ray soul. The three signs which constellationally transmit the seventh ray (Aries, Cancer and Capricorn) all hold important planets—the Sun, Neptune and Uranus, respectively. The principal planet of the seventh ray, Uranus, is rising, and tells of Jefferson ’s role in breaking up an old order (Capricorn in the twelfth house) and restructuring a new. Destructive Pluto is in the ninth house of philosophy and world view and quintile reformative Uranus just as it is preservative Jupiter, enhancing Jefferson’s power to destroy old thoughtforms and replace them with a new perspective—a vision of fruitfulness and creativity.

A further conduit for seventh ray energy might be considered Jupiter (transmitting the second and seventh rays) in Virgo (distributing the second and sixth rays, but much associated with seventh ray qualities). Certainly, Jupiter in Virgo (hierarchical ruler of Virgo—indicating the eventual complete fulfillment of the Christ-impulse) and, in this case, esoteric ruler of the Aquarius Ascendant, would give the capacity to be aware of and handle the many particularities of administration, and attend with caution to the wording of any document. This Jupiter, in a modest position for Jefferson, is yet important, for it demonstrates a wisdom (second ray Jupiter) in nurturing (Virgo) the birth of a new nation (Virgo), and a willingness to do all those many little things which have to be accomplished in such an enterprise. Jefferson had that willingness to work “behind the scenes” (so characteristic of the seventh ray which works quietly and carefully to bring all to consummation). This quietude is, in part, suggested by the placement of Mercury (the esoteric ruler of the Aries Sun Sign) in retiring Pisces. What he wrote, however, certainly had a pralayic effect upon the old order.

First ray indicators are also strongly present, staring with the Sun in Aries exoterically ruled by Mars (with its first ray component) placed in first ray Leo. Uranus in Capricorn is strongly seventh ray, but can be interpreted in a first ray manner as well.

There is, as one might expect, much of idealism and enthusiasm in Jefferson ’s chart. There is a kind of grand trine in fires with the Sun in Aries trine sixth ray Mars in Leo which trines the idealistic Moon in Sagittarius—though the Moon does not complete the wheel by returning the trine to the Sun. As well, all the signs which distribute the sixth ray hold planets—Jupiter in Virgo, Moon in Sagittarius and Mercury in Pisces.

In Thomas Jefferson we have an individual of foundational importance to world freedom—Uranus in Capricorn conjunct an Aquarius Ascendant. Capricorn is associated with documents and formal codifications of law. Certainly, Jefferson produced a new(Uranus) document (Capricorn) which set forth the rationale (Mercury in Pisces exactly sextile to Uranus in Capricorn) for a new order (Uranus) in which freedom (Uranus) would prevail. He was not a military figure (as was George Washington) but was willing to take great risks (Sun in Aries, Uranus rising, Moon in Sagittarius) to ensure the birth (Jupiter in Virgo) of freedom. In some deep way he must have been connected with the Sirian influence from which the Law of Freedom emanates. He also appears to have been closely connected with the mode of procedure, characteristic of the Count (Master R.), just as Franklin seems to have been. While other rays can be discovered in Jefferson’s life—the first, for independence and self-reliance, the fourth for beauty of form and music (Venus in fourth ray Taurus), the sixth for idealism, and the fifth (fifth ray Venus in Taurus in the third house of mind square sensory Mars in Leo and opposed to investigative Pluto in Scorpio with scientific Uranus rising)—it is the seventh ray, the ray of the new order, which shines through his life most clearly. Jefferson’s fierce spirit of independence (Sun in Aries and Mars in Leo, plus the first ray) served the coming of what in his higher moments he must have envisioned as a New World Order, unimposed and arising naturally and voluntarily from the cooperation of free individuals.

Confirming the Chart

There is no actual birth record for Thomas Jefferson. The chart which is most used is a rectification by Doris Chase Doane. We will examine the chart in various ways to confirm its potential accuracy.

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