Assembly 2016 in Long Beach, CA

Essentials of the Master Classes

Get inspired. Connect with some of the Prosperos’ leading mentors and instructors of today, ready to help elevate your practice of Translation and Releasing the Hidden Splendour with key breakthrough tips and experiential dialogue. Join us! September 2-5, 2016.

We’re planning an unforgettable weekend at the Westin Hotel in Long Beach California, with the comradery of old and new friends and working with noted mentors and teachers in such subject matter as Art and the unconscious; Astrology seen as
personal Survival Dynamics; Symbolic clues to understand
your personal journey; and a closer look at techniques to enhance your effectiveness with RHS and Translation…

We have people coming from the East, the Midwest and West Coast, and Hawaii. I’d say “It is a weekend to learn how to effectively use your emotional intelligence by finding out how you bank and spend emotional currency within your world. An experience with immersive information to change the spectrums of your life stories from isolation or pain to a give-for of insights, wholeness, love, & laughter.”
– Calvin Harris, H.W., M.

**This Assembly will hold a concluding banquet celebration of fun & laughter – Sunday evening September 4, 2016**

With… Rob Klopfenstein

. . .on the piano. Rob Klopfenstein is a songwriter & piano player who entertains at music venues throughout southern California. He is known for his fun, energetic and interactive shows.

Come join our Feature Presenters:

Heather Williams, H.W., M.

Artist, Mentor and Instructor for the Prosperos, who is also an Art teacher in the Southern California School Systems. Heather uses her skill and knowledge about art and the subconscious to give her adult workshop students the wonderful opportunity to explore and draw out of themselves insights of internal processes through art imagery created by the student.

Richard Hartnett, H.W., M.

Mentor and Instructor for the Prosperos, who is also a nationally known Writer and Psychic in Colorado. Richard uses his knowledge of symbol-stories found in Greek, Egyptian, Celtic and Native American cultures to show the inner play of conscious and unconscious factors still at work as drivers in our life today.

Anne Bollman, H.W., M.

Prosperos faculty member and administrator for over 25 years. Anne currently serves as Treasurer of the Prosperos and is a Mentor and Instructor. Anne has presented on a variety of ontological themes at Assemblies and has served on numerous advisory committees for the Prosperos.


A team of facilitators will assist with break-out sessions where we will have the opportunity to share our stories, insights, and dreams.

By the time the Assembly 2016 wraps ups there will be a new sense to living 24 hours in a day.

Don’t Wait:

1. Book Your Hotel Reservation Now – Westin Hotel, Long Beach, CA. – Call: (562) 436-3000 – Ask for ”In-house Reservations.” – Between 8am & 3pm Pacific Time.

2. Assembly Registration (Fee $175). See the online fact sheet for details and a link to online registration.

Finally . . . You don’t want to miss it !

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