“THE THIRD DAY OF KWANZAA” by Calvin Harris, H. W., M.

As a student and a Translator in the Prosperos. My focus is always on doing the mental work (Translation and/or RHS)   first – then following that with doing what is practical (serving the metanoia in the 3-dimensional plane).

My 3-demensional identity is as a citizen of the world, with mix traditions, mix blood, and mix sexuality/spirituality. That in my life is a respecting and combining the alchemy of the old with the new.  As an answer to my last night Translation – it came in the form of a message found in today’s observance of Kwanzaa in its third day of practice “ujima”. The principle focused on today is – ujima – a  concept of a collective work and responsibility in the new Afro-American celebration of life. 

Ujima – It interpreted meaning that I grasped today was – understand building and maintaining our Prosperos community together and making our students and seeker’s difficulties in finding us and utilizing the tools – ours to consider and to solve together.

The Third Principle is Ujima which is a commitment to active and informed togetherness on matters of common interest. It is also recognition and respect of the fact that without collective work and struggle, progress is impossible and liberation unthinkable.

Moreover, the principle of Ujima supports the fundamental assumption that Agape ( source and manifestation  of Truth and Consciousness) is not just a cultural possession owned by a few, but a Universal  gift and identity, but  is also the root of our duty and destiny, i.e., a responsibility = the ability to respond. In other words, our collective identity in the long run is to bring about a collective future. Thus, there is a need and obligation for us as self-conscious and committed people to shape our future with our fellow students/seekers  as we transform strife and its hardships into benefits for all together, as we share the Unity cup.

And to remember these words —

“A man is called selfish not for pursuing his own good, but for neglecting his neighbor’s.”  ~ Richard Whately

Day Two of Kwanzaa – Perspective on Self-Determination (courtesy of Calvin Harris, H.W., M.)

Kwanzaa, a secular festival observed by many African Americans from December 26 to January 1 as a celebration of their cultural heritage and traditional values.

A Celebration of Family, Community and the Common Good Implied and embedded in the principle self-determination is the notion of respect which a people have for its culture and historical and current contribution to the world. At the family level, this translates into the art, music, and literature which is possessed or a part of the home. It obligates us as caregivers and mentors in teaching a History (emphasizing at this occasion of the year the African Americans) but to more clearly define that they have made a special and enduring contribution to the world as Americans in the American experience which is worthy of praise and honor. We must recognize that we are all the custodians as well as the heirs of a great civilization. We have given something to the world as a mixed culture and for this, we are proud and fully conscious of our place in the total picture of mankind’s development.”

Sunday Night Translation Group – December 25

Translation is a 5-step process using syllogistic reasoning to transform apparent man and the universe back into its essential whole, complete and perfect nature.  Through the process of Translation, reality is uncovered and thus revealed. Through word tracking, getting to the essence of the words we use to express our current view of reality, we are uncovering the one true reality.

Sense testimony:

Internal bleeding can lead to feeling of helplessness and anger and (emotional) cramps, especially during Christmas.


  1.  Mind stands alone without assistance or obstruction, or loss. It is inconstrictable joy, common to all, in communion with all.
  2. The Truth is Master, Clan of Universal Integrity, Valuing Powering Knowing only and Everywhere Sound Harmonious Beauty Now and Always. Sound Harmonious Beautiful Value is the Ever-present Truth.
  3. To come (see Comments).