What is the opportunity for Prosperos in this time of crisis?

By Mike Zonta, H.W., M. (BB editor)

The Prosperos today is composed of a very small number of people, most of whom studied with Thane and the school in the ’70s.

Today we are presented with global challenges that none of us could have imagined in those halcyon years: the Coronavirus, a world economy on the brink of collapse and the threat of fascism from an administration desperate to remain in power.

In a recent interview on The Katie Halper Show on YouTube, Katie asked Marianne Williamson what people can do about these crises? Marianne replied, in essence: Pray, meditate and be sure to vote!

For Prosperos, the answer would probably be: Translate and vote!

But can we do more? Well, of course. The idea of Translation is not just to Translate and do nothing. The 5th step of a Translation results in a change in consciousness. And a change in our being (our consciousness) will result in a change in our doing.

The 5th step of a Translation demands action!

So we have to Translate and listen. Then act accordingly.

Perhaps our whole lives have been a preparation for this moment, for these crises..

Our intuition (the knowing of One Infinite Mind) knows what we, individually and as a group, need to do. We need to listen and do it.

Now more than ever before in our lives, we need to keep a High Watch.

‘Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord [Infinite Mind] doth come.”
–Matthew 24:42

“You are an individuation of infinite mind. You are an individuation of creative intuition. Being an individuation of infinite mind, you know what to do, and you will do it; you know what to say, and you will say it; you know what to write and you will write it.”
–Thane of Hawaii

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