Right-wing Prosperos

By Mike Zonta, H.W., M., BB editor

At a recent Friday night Prosperos Round Table (a weekly online gathering of Prosperos), I mentioned the fact that there are several Prosperos who marinate themselves daily in Fox News (none of whom were present at that meeting), which seemed to be a shock to some in attendance.  I don’t understand why people who are purportedly interested in absolute Truth have such a shoddy relationship with relative truth.  

But Fox News has had a shoddy relationship with the truth since its founding by Roger Ailes in 1996.  As Joy Reid said in Time Magazine in 2017, “[I]n building Fox News . . . [Ailes] found his calling. There, he built a home for those voters whose anxieties he spent decades manipulating for the good and growth of the GOP. He built a safe, corrective universe that batted down liberal tropes and reinforced the belief deep down inside many a conservative heart that yes, minorities are executing a massive theft of your paycheck in order to lay about on the government dime. Yes, the only way that Democrats could get elected is through massive voter fraud by minorities, intimidation by the New Black Panthers and skullduggery by “illegal immigrants.” Yes, Islam is a danger, the Caliphate is headed to your small town or suburb and Christianity is under attack everywhere, every day, including from the very American government those illegal voters forced upon you in 2008. Yes, you should fear Barack Obama and Black Lives Matter. Yes, you have a right to feel angry and persecuted by the Hollywood Left. Yes, Hillary was a running a vast, criminal enterprise. And yes, men should be Men and women should be perpetually beautiful, perky, sexually available, and in full, smiling agreement with you.”

But shouldn’t The Prosperos be free of political viewpoints?

Here’s what the Charter of the Prosperos says:

“The general nature of the objects of the Corporation are:

“. . .  The fostering and encouragement of a higher degree of spiritual enlightenment and understanding, the basis of true Spiritual Democracy as interpreted in terms of the self-evident Truth that Being is the equality of man; the cultivation of friendship and fellowship among its members; to safeguard the future welfare of the youth of America and the world; to build them up to a high plane, mentally, morally and spiritually; to foster, guard and protect them that they may grow and develop into upright cosmopolite citizens; to provide healthful recreation that they may develop perfect healthy bodies; to educate them in the better class of art and literature that their minds may only absorb that which is of the best, and to encourage them to study the latest scientific matter; to give them a moral and spiritual background in keeping with the Atomic Age so that they will be able to meet the world’s problems with poise and Intelligence and create a solution of affairs with peace, equity and justice; to so encourage and train them that they will exercise a spirit of liberty and tolerance toward all whom they may contact; to instill in them a reverence and knowledge of the Spiritual reality and resource of Democracy as envisioned by our forefathers and thus be prepared to oppose and be immune to any propaganda or agitation, either from within or without, which has as it object the destruction of Democracy as a way of life.

Fox News is propaganda from within. And all Prosperos should be wary of it and oppose it and be immune to it.

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  1. Beautifully said… thank you for this well timed piece. Perhaps we should take a look where we lean to the right and restricting the quest for freedom and common good for all. Like all pursuits we are never really 100% clear of our own prejudices and marginalization of others.

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