Paris Vows To Rebuild Notre Dame Despite Cosmic Absurdity Of Seeking Inherent Meaning In Fleeting Creations Of Man

April 16, 2019 (

PARIS—Following a massive fire that destroyed significant portions of the Catholic cathedral, Paris officials vowed Tuesday to rebuild Notre Dame despite the cosmic absurdity of seeking inherent meaning in the fleeting creations of man. “We will come together as a nation to reconstruct Notre Dame, no matter the fundamental irrationality of imbuing mere man-made structures of stone and wood with any sort of deeper meaning in an existence where entropy is the only universal truth,” said French president Emmanuel Macron in a press conference, adding that the government had already received more than $700 million in pledged funding for a restoration project that will “serve as but a momentary impediment to the corrosive sands of time.” “Notre Dame was built, destroyed, and rebuilt over the course of hundreds of years, and we will rebuild it again, only to watch it decay once more, for indeed that is its fate, as it is the fate of all of man’s works. Like Sisyphus pushing the boulder up the mountain, we will endeavor to fix the cathedral despite all empirical evidence to the contrary, in a world which demonstrates time and time again that there is nothing real to be found in worshipping the ersatz edifices that serve as a sorry facsimile of any real human connection. We expect this completely arbitrary and fundamentally meaningless process to take 10 to 15 years.” Taking a drag on a cigarette, Macron added that French officials mourned the Catholic relics and artworks lost or damaged in the blaze, even if they are “but false idols and profane images merely serving to fracture the spiritual connection one ought to devote totally to God.”

3 thoughts on “Paris Vows To Rebuild Notre Dame Despite Cosmic Absurdity Of Seeking Inherent Meaning In Fleeting Creations Of Man”

  1. This article put me in mind of something Camus said: “One must imagine Sysiphus happy.” Because the mere assumption of responsibility for such a heroic undertaking as rebuilding Notre Dame – plus any subsequent action taken in furtherance of that goal – is enough to lift the Spirit.

    Also to keep in mind: rather than a building, Notre Dame is a pattern, a design – constructed according to Sacred Geometry, thus also a model of the Universe. It is only the physical manifestation of that pattern/design/model that is transient.

    Finally, I think it was Andre Malraux who said that, rather than a building, Notre Dame is a person (perhaps the readership will remember the lesson of the Skin Horse…).

  2. It’s from “The Velveteen Rabbit”, and one of Billye’s favorites. I’ll see if I can find and post it.

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