“Keeping track . . . keeping a journal” by Mike Zonta, H.W., M.

A few months ago I was taking a class at CCSF called Digital Media and I learned of something called a portfolio.  A portfolio is a website in which someone can showcase their digital media creations such as  audio podcasts, photoshopping and new videos.

Then our wonderful teacher, Malcolm Cecil, said some people even include an online diary like a personal blog.  My ears perked up because I have been keeping a diary/dream journal for years in which I try to link the events of my waking life with the events in my dream life.

So, beginning on July 18 of this year, I began posting my daily journal/dream journal for all the world to see.  To those who think this is too much exposure, I disagree.  A student of Truth has to be willing to expose, if only to him/herself, all the dark corners of his/her psyche to the light of day.  And if other people see it, who cares?  Let them discover and shed light on their own dark corners.

So here’s an example of my latest listings and a link for further exploration of my Diary:

November 10, 2018:  Another smoky day. S.F. Feels like a war zone. In ’til 3ish. Walked w/my face mask to the library. Henry there. Then walk to G.P. Seth at C.B. Also other cute Asian guy as I left. Walk to Safeway. Myka has his face mask on. In the middle of chatting w/Myka, Steven leaned in from the adjacent checkout stand to join the conversation. I hadn’t known he was there, and he threw me off balance, which I think was his intent.  Drop/break plate in p.m. That usually means something.

November 10 dream:  Am staying at place w/lots of others close by. Working on something.

November 10 dream:  Woman in line said I blew a toothpick into her eye. Later she tried to make a date w/me. I snuck out of store. Ran into two well-built male friends who eventually became shirtless and then were only wearing towels, as did their adolescent son and a baby held who was held up against one of their naked chests, just to be in touch.

November 9, 2018:  Smoky day in S.F. People advised to stay indoors. Took #49 to Van Ness. Noisy, homeless guy sitting behind me asked me to open my window. I say, “No.” Bought face mask. Went to 1001 Franklin to get waitlist application. 300 on waiting list. Very old people hanging out in lobby. Go to Main Library to take a pee in the homeless restroom. Then search Market Street for Friday’s Chronicle. Finally find one at 4th & Market drug store. Take N into Cole Valley. Sign on way: “11:59:59.” Nicest thing that happened so far today. Go to Peet’s Cole Valley. Try to catch #43 home. #37 arrives first. So I take it to the Castro. Old lady smiles at me just before I walk past 440 Club to J’s store at 19th & Castro. #35 to G.P arrives quickly. Take BART to Balboa. Then #8 home. Chronicle headline: “Wildfire devastates Butte County Town” instead of “Wildfire devastates Paradise [which is the name of the Butte County town in question]. Insight: my Dad was playacting his entire life. Just like me.

November 9 dream:  Transcribing cube with writing on it to second cube. (h.o.)

November 9 dream:  Pushed veteran too far and he got in trouble. Einstein was there but I didn’t apologize to him, even though he told me not to.

November 9 dream:  Veteran had to be informed about loss of someone. He seemed cheerful. Some assumed he hadn’t been informed yet.

November 9 dream:  Carol Burnett as transsexual in movie promo.

November 9 dream:  I took cash from company safe. Somehow I rationalized that I wasn’t stealing. Decided to give it back.

November 9 dream:  Returning from abroad. I walk thru part of S.F. I’ve never walked thru before. Older Frenchwoman being a real snob, in French, at local store.

Link to my Diary:  https://zontaphotos.com/diary/

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