Dizzy, Jesus and Group Dynamics

Dizzy Gillespie

By Mike Zonta, H.W., M.

In the YouTube video “War on Sensemaking 3, the Infinite Game: Jamie Wheal” (posted on the Bathtub Bulletin), Mr. Wheal says the spirit of the “infinite game” is self-policing, that might doesn’t make right and that “healthy shame” is an undervalued asset. That we can see each as we could be, as we should be, and that we can go back and mend our trauma.

He talks of Dizzy Gillespie and his band. “He was a genius musician and he was utterly ruthless about who could hang with his band,” Wheal says of Gillespie. “If you couldn’t swing, if you couldn’t hit the chord changes, if you couldn’t play at that level, you would be swapped for someone else who could.”

So very exclusive.

Jesus said, whenever two or more of you are gathered in my name [in my nature], there I am also. So Jesus was exclusive in his way as well. If you weren’t gathering in his nature, then you self-excluded yourself from Jesus’s band.

In The Prosperos, we teach something called Group Dynamics. It is an effort to allow people to function from their highest Self in the context of a group discussion. Too often, however, members of a group (whether it’s the Sunday Night Translation Group or The Prosperos as a whole, or Occupy, or the Berniecrats, or you and your significant other) look upon group activity as a chance to finally unload on a captive audience and get the attention and love which you were denied as a child.

At that point you are self-excluding yourself from Dizzy’s and Jesus’s band. The opportunity, however, is always there to think with the group and not about it.

We can’t exclude those who are not ready, willing or able to really practice group dynamics, to be a member of Dizzy’s or Jesus’s band. We can only provide them with the encouragement to mend their trauma and then provide them with the on-going opportunity to gather together in Dizzy’s or Jesus’s name. Gandhi said (as paraphrased by Marianne Williams): “Self-purification must precede political activism.“

In another YouTube video (“Making Sense of Sensemaking: Daniel Schmachtenberger, Jamie Wheal, Jordan Hall”) Wheal speaks of a Quaker gathering where people only speak when they are spoken through.

Now that would be group meeting worthy of Dizzy Gillespie or Jesus Christ.

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