BB Blog: Psyche, Heal Thyself!

Last Monday, I was walking backwards on Market Street, checking out this interesting-looking guy and I tripped on the curb and fell on my right hand. For a day or two it was painful to write or do anything with it. Being right-handed didn’t help. But in a few days, all was back to normal. The body did whatever it knew how to do to heal my hand and get it back to normal functioning.

Now why doesn’t this happen with the psyche? If we have a psychic wound, the tendency is to keep repeating the behavior over and over again, expecting a better result.

As Einstein is reputed to have said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

But the psyche is not insane. The psyche knows that it is whole. Just like the body, wholeness is the default. If a healing is needed, if a psychic wound has taken place, then it is up to the psyche to heal itself, just like the body heals itself.

So the psyche will seek out situations and conditions and relationships to do just that. The idea is not to re-enact the trauma over and over again so that it becomes our new reality. The idea is to re-enact the trauma over and over again in our lives until we can add insight and perspective and context that was not present in the initial trauma.

Or we can just do this in our minds. In The Prosperos, we call this Releasing the Hidden Splendour or RHS. Also called the Joseph Technique. “You meant this for evil,” Joseph tells his brothers in Genesis, “But God [Consciousness] meant it for good.”

So that I might have a greater psyche and thereby nourish the consciousness of others and “save much people alive.”

–Mike Zonta, BB editor

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