The Fall of Tech Empires, Stock Exchange Shake-up, and Aquarius

by Astro Butterfly (

Since Jupiter and Saturn have joined forces at 0° Aquarius, many topics have kept the headlines in the news.

Let’s review the last weeks’ headlines, so we can get a taste of the Aquarian themes and the direction we are heading towards:

Social Media and Big Tech

In the last couple of weeks, many people have left the big Social Media networks or are migrating to other communication channels.

Upon announcing an update in the privacy terms, tens of millions of people have and are leaving the tech giant Wasap and move to other networks such as Signal.

So what happened? People have suddenly woken up to the fact that these so-called ‘free social networks’ are not really that ‘free’: they hold an unhealthy amount of power, sell our data, and influence our behavior.

People are realizing the immense power that is held by only a few corporations, which has led to a sudden rebellion or ‘wait a minute, that’s not right’ reaction.

What happened is what we astrologers have been long anticipating: a decentralization in the way communication is distributed and consumed.

People no longer want to be at the mercy of companies that can read our private messages, sell our data, shut down our accounts any time, and have such sway over our lives.

New Technologies

Surges in innovative companies like Tesla or alternative currencies such as Bitcoin. There’s still a lot of uncertainty about the future of these new technologies, but the trend is clear:

Those companies and institutions that are focused on innovation, value creation or fair distribution and democratization of value, will be the big winners in the new Aquarian age.

Stock Market Shake-ups

Perhaps you heard about the GameStop stock scandal this week.

A brief background: many of the players on Wall Street eviscerate the value from a company and retail investors on the stock market using a market practice called “short selling” that is often combined with an intentional manipulation of the company’s stock price.

  • Short selling is the practice of borrowing a stock in order to sell it on, in the belief that its price will drop, allowing the seller to repurchase it at a reduced price later on, then return it to the lender, while keeping the profit – in short, betting on a stock that is predicted to fall
  • The manipulation can target a company and the doom of its dropping stock, while they or others intentionally dump stocks, so that the average retail investor starts selling the stock also, rapidly driving the price down.

Earlier this month the company GameStop became the victim of this short selling by different Wall Street hedge funds.

HOWEVER the difference this time was that a group of amateur retail investors on Reddit (Social Media, ruled by Aquarius) saw this happening and decided to work together and purchase en masse the doomed GameStop stock as it was dropping.

To give you an idea of how much money was traded between these different parties, last year the GameStop stock price was around $4 and today, at the date of writing this article, it is currently at $325 – increases of around 1700%!

This created a situation called a short squeeze, whereby the Wall Street short-selling bets didn’t materialize, so the hedge fund companies had to sell their stock at the new inflated price, losing billions of dollars.

The Aquarian saga continued. A stock trading app called “Robinhood” which was supposedly designed to democratize stock trading and help regular people participate in the stock market, ‘decided’ to block the GameStop stock from being bought and only allowed it to be sold. Not much democracy in the ‘free’ stock exchange market after all, not even from a company called “RobinHood”.

But then Aquarius struck again. Within a single hour of Robinhood’s decision to block the buying of GameStop stock, the app got over 100,000 1-star reviews, dropping its rating from 4-stars to 1-star. The power of masses taking coordinated action.

In a counter Pluto-in-Capricorn power play, Bog-Tech giant Google simply deleted all the 1-star reviews. “I make the rules!”

But then again, all this hype means that people found out that on the internet, the information is not that democratically shared after all, and that the ‘free market’ may be ‘free’ for the hedge fund managers, but not for the regular John Doe.

The result? Questionable market practices have been exposed, and more and more people are becoming aware of an uneven playing field, losing faith in big companies and institutions.

The Reddit group initiative was not (just) about money. There was some sort of social justice, with the group of small investors exposing Wall Street traders’ questionable practices, and beating them at their own game.

What happened with these stocks and the social movement is a classical example of the Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus transit. Aquarius is information, groups of people coming together, and Taurus is finances and personal values.

Saturn in Aquarius = coordinated social action; Uranus in Taurus = disruption and innovation in finances and personal values.

And the square brings the fiction and the “let’s change the rules of the game” type of energy. Since the Saturn-Uranus square will be active throughout 2021, one thing we know: this is just the beginning.

What Is Going On?

Step 1: People start to become dubious about the centralized power held by just a few corporations and institutions that can dictate pretty much everything and impact our lives without us having any say.

Step 2: People rebel against this unjust balance/distribution of power and take coordinated, bottom-up action (Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius) to change the rules of the game.

Step 3: New rules that better reflect a fair and balanced distribution of information and resources.

To understand why this is happening, let’s come back to the archetype of Aquarius. Aquarius follows Capricorn.

Capricorn is concerned with building powerful, top-down structures.

We owe a lot to Capricorn, because without Capricorn’s vision, determination and systemic thinking, no structure, system or anything of value would ever be built.

But of course, what happens when you build that perfect structure that works like a machine, is that power consolidates at the top. And we know what happened with the Tower of Babel. Whatever grows too big, also grows fragile, and eventually breaks down.

And this is where Aquarius comes along. Aquarius is the water bearer, bringing the water of knowledge to the world.

And there is so much more to this symbol. Aquarius does not just bring knowledge (although of course, as an Air sign, sharing information is one of Aquarius’ main concerns) but it also has a distribution function.

Aquarius makes sure that information, resources, energy get distributed and shared where they are needed.

In the human body, Aquarius rules over the circulatory system.

Here we see the Leo-Aquarius polarity. Leo is the heart, Aquarius the circulatory system. Leo creates and pumps life energy, but it is Aquarius that makes sure that this life energy is distributed as widely as possible and where it is most needed.

What We’ve Learned About Aquarius:

  • People taking coordinated action
  • Democratization of information
  • Decentralization of power, with groups of people fighting for freedom and sovereignty
  • Power to the people (we will learn more about this theme, with the good and the bad it entails, when Pluto enters Aquarius in 2024)
  • People coming together in look-alike groups (not so small that they do not matter, and not so large that they lose track of the vision) to change the rules of the game

What Aquarius Energy Is NOT:

  • Waiting for the system or a parent figure to tell us what to do (that’s Capricorn/Cancer NOT Aquarius)
  • Top-down rules, laws and directives (Aquarius is about BOTTOM up initiatives that will initially disrupt the old rules and come up with new ones)
  • Being all at one and at peace with each other (that’s Pisces). Aquarius is NOT the sign of oneness, Aquarius is the sign of look-alike-ness. Before we get to Pisces, and we are all “one” we need to get organized, and form new alliances that can challenge and eventually break down the unhealthy centers of power.

The Aquarian ‘revolution’ will eventually democratize our society – but the road won’t necessarily be smooth. There is a reason why Uranus, Aquarius’ modern ruler, is the planet of disruption, surprises, and ‘expect the unexpected’. If we want change, we have to shake things up first.

The good news: Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius will give us the vision and the determination to build healthy new structures that are a better fit for our current society.

The “not so good” news: Jupiter and Saturn square Uranus in Taurus, so the journey along the way will not be smooth.

The good news: once we overcome the challenges of the square, we WILL eventually reap the rewards, and our society will be healthier and stronger.

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