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Awareness of being is happiness

Rupert Spira • Feb 11, 2024 • A man asks Rupert to comment on the Sanskrit term Satchitananda — often translated as ‘awareness of Being is bliss’. Rupert explains that Sat-Cit-Ananda is considered to be the pinnacle of the non-dual understanding. Sat means being, Chit means consciousness and Ananda is usually misleadingly translated as bliss. But, bliss is a mistranslation of the term Ananda. It just means peace. So all the Vedantic scriptures are saying is this: the awareness of your being, as it essentially is before it is mixed with the content of experience, is the experience of peace for which you long. It’s so simple. But, if we were to reformulate the Vedantic understanding or take all the scriptures from all the traditions from the last three thousand years and distil them into one sentence now, I think it would read like this: Happiness is the nature of being and we share our being with everyone and everything. Peace on the inside, love on the outside. That’s it. If you understand that you don’t need any other spiritual instruction. *This video is taken from one of Rupert’s in-person retreats at Mercy Center, 24 to 31 October 2021. To view and book for upcoming retreats (many of which can be attended online via livestream) go to: ▸ UK https://rupertspira.com/event/locatio… ▸ EU https://rupertspira.com/event/locatio… ▸ US https://rupertspira.com/event/locatio… Timestamps: 0:00 Satchitananda 0:31 Awareness Of Being Is Happiness 1:01 The Pinnacle Of The Non-Dual Understanding 1:58 A Mistranslation Of The Term Ananda 3:00 Everyday Peace And Happiness 4:13 Peace On The Inside, Love On The Outside 5:25 The Only Spiritual Understanding You Need