Sunday Night Translation Group — February 26, 2017

To quote Heather Williams, H.W., M., “Translation is the creative process of re-engineering the outdated software of your mind.” Translation is a 5-step process using syllogistic reasoning to transform apparent man and the universe back into its essential whole, complete and perfect nature.  Through the process of Translation, reality is uncovered and thus revealed. Through word tracking, getting to the essence of the words we use to express our current view of reality, we are uncovering the underlying timeless reality of the Universe.

Sense testimony:

Sleep apnea, poor circulation, liver fluid blockage and problems accessing care.


  1.  I am always in control, always awake, always breathing, at peace with myself and the world, self-sustaining, self-maintaining, instantaneous presence everywhere.
  2. All Knowing, all powerful, all present One Mind Truth and each and every individuation, liver, breath, mind, is only, always, everywhere, strong, healthy, vitality capable sound harmonious flow in agreement with all there is. I we thou, Capable strong, healthy, sound, harmonious, knowing presence is flowing in completely powerful agreement with all there is.
  3. Perfect Being Changeless Change is the reality of unrestricted Consciousness, flowing in-breath fact of ever-present life, limitless power potent energy of the I AM I, a Love constant principle.
  4. To come.

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