Translators:  Mike Zonta, Melissa Goodnight, Richard Branam

SENSE TESTIMONY:  Tyranny oppresses the individual in favor of the ruling elite.

5th Step Conclusions:

  1. Truth is King/Queen, the only Ruler, a Tyrant without oppression, one Individual without choice, without chosen, without elite; always ruling in favor of Itself.

  2. Consciousness Beingness That I AM, is the inviolable  inseparable singular wholeness that is always empowering each individuation to express and consciously recognize the infinitely liberating privilege of being and knowing the Truth

  3. Truth is One Infinite Mind Essence: Being Self Mastery, King Loving Queen, Prince Loving Princess, Absolute Omnipotencey: Indivisibly I am I, individuated collective elegance, Complementarily replete: resonating syllogistical Logos, fruitfully its’ own Autismical Consciousness  Awareness.

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