Replace the Fleeting by the Everlasting – Erica Georgiades

Erica Georgiades  (

“There is only an ETERNAL NOW”
(Letter 12, Chron. ed./Letter 6 Barker ed.)
 In this short presentation, for the 146th International Convention of the Theosophical Society, Erica Georgiades discusses the mystical utterance and philosophical idea that eternity is in the present, in the now. The idea that the past is meaningless because it is gone, the future is meaningless because it is not yet here is linked to a worldview known as presentism. In contrast, the idea that past, present and future are full of meaning is connected to a worldview known as eternalism. Eternalism is anti-meaninglessness and supports the notion that the past and the future are as meaningful and important as the present. She also discusses why many mystics and philosophers thought that the present, an instant, a moment, is impregnated with eternity. For instance, Krishnamurti thought that eternity is holy, sacred, and divine; Kierkegaard thought eternity is the fullness of time and the present. Blavatsky linked eternity to duration, meaning timeless. She closes by inviting you to shift from the idea that the present is the only thing that matters as part and future are gone, to the idea that the present, the now, is impregnated with eternity.

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