Pisces Full Moon September 1, 2020

Wendy Cicchetti

The Full Moon in Pisces spotlights issues of belief, faith, trust, and confidence. Pisces isn’t always sure if what is sensed is real or lasting, yet it often taps into important information, as witnessed in the emotional nature of the sign. Water can move fast, creating sudden turbulence, producing rapid, or very high waves that present real dangers in the moment, but which may be prone to change fairly quickly. Suddenly, a problematic situation and apparent danger no longer exist. In a gentler setting, it takes both rain and the Sun for a rainbow to appear; yet, if we try to take a photograph of that beautiful stream of color, we may find it faded or almost completely missing in the captured image. The rainbow nonetheless has a strong place in the human psyche as a positive symbol. Spiritually, it has been linked with the union and balance of the chakras — the body’s energy centers — connecting mind, body, and spirit in a system that defines health. From this framework, we can notice any difficult feelings or symptoms in a particular area of the body and begin to understand it at other levels and work on a healing process.

Even in everyday life, we could say that water has magical qualities; in feeding plants, it turns what was once the tiny matter of a seed into something vital and sustaining. Yet, if the general conditions for growth do not support it, or when our plant has very specific characteristics that make it sensitive to too much or too little water, it may not thrive. We need to pay a lot of attention to the precise state and conditions of that plant! The fluctuating energy around water can sometimes be baffling and frustrating, and we may struggle to control how it works in our lives — which extends into the further, astrological connection of the water element with the realm of human emotions. The Full Moon is a notoriously more emotional time, so we have a double whammy effect in play during this lunation.

On the plus side, with Moon in Pisces, we are more in touch with our intuitive abilities; with fewer boundaries in place, we can cross the bridge further into the spiritual world. However, Pisces is also the empath — the person who is super-sensitive, sensing so much at once as to often feel overwhelmed. A sponge effect is in play, with feelings, atmospheres, and qualities potentially creating a sense of emotional, mental, and even physical overload. If things feel like “too much,” though, we can remember to give ourselves the permission and opportunity to take needed space from whatever seems overwhelming.

This article is from the Mountain Astrologer, written by Diana Collis.

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