Orgasmic Living (by Robert McEwen, H.W., M.)

I have lived as an Androgynous being much of my life.  Labels of straight, gay or LGBT are not relevant to the invisible essence of my experience of   orgasmic androgynous living.  It is a creative force of nature itself. I grin lots when the erroneous boundaries of self are experienced as an “I-Thou” relationship.  There is no separation or projections then. That oneness unfolding and blossoms into a blissful experience of love, a celebration of the inner wedding!

Then there is a partner, or  the enhancement of partner commitment through loving communion. It includes the experience of the “valley orgasm:” longer lasting and continuing waves of energy moving through the body. It is the heart level of sexuality.  The chakras opening up and the energy flowing intensely during orgasm of the body and mind union.  Nature, or energy modulated for lengthy bliss.  To flow together in this dimension is also available to us.

The male and Female spark explodes which is the ecstatic expanded experience producing altered states of consciousness. It encompasses the “cosmic orgasm:” the timeless, boundless state where orgasmic waves move through all the energy centers. Cosmic orgasm can and does occur spontaneously to anyone, but as a practice, it can replenish the life force with release through the crown of the head. The truth is we are capable of experiencing orgasms in multiple dimensions. Energy centers, called chakras (meaning “spinning wheels” in Sanskrit) are not anatomical structures in the body but are clusters of oscillating energy. Chakras function like electrical transformers, lowering the vibrating rate of life force energy, called Prana in the Vedic system and enabling it to flow through the body. We are actually an organized combination of several energy systems around a unifying field. If we could see the subtle light bodies around us there would be lights vibrating a spectrum of colors and frequencies.  We “FEEL” this orgasmic union ourselves and some times with a willing loving partner.   This is a “heart” orgasm.

–Robert W. McEwen, H.W., M.

I have been getting emails and calls about the “Orgasmic Living” article I shared.  The challenge of finding this transcendent orgasm might be as simple as discovering our innate ability to let go.  Begin with developing a daily routine of learning to physically recognize where and how stress lives in your body and practice releasing it.   Practice simple relaxing breathing  The prana or “chi” is energy.  The life force is felt and can take you to  mysterious and compelling territory of experiencing sexual pleasure. Learn what is erotic to you.  Releasing our control is simultaneously the path and the reward into the transcendent and mysterious human orgasm.

Working towards developing your  erotic pleasure capacity is key.  Let go of guilt and know you are worth being one with the life force.  You ARE the life force! You are a unique complex combination of synergistic energy systems.  This gets beyond stereotypes of typical turn ons that are cultural conditioned.  Repression causes stress so let go and experience erotic sensual pleasures.  Let go of guilts, laugh at the fears you might have taken on  and experience the pleasures that awaken you!  Have fun! Get with your loving playful partner that shares  with you.  Be blessed in this sacred love.

R.W. McEwen, H.W., M.
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