Op-Ed: Trustees block High Watch Straw Poll on New Dean

By Mike Zonta., H.W., M.

June 25, 2022

According to Janet Cornwell, President of the HIgh Watch, the Trustees of The Prosperos at their meeting on Sunday, June 19, decided on a new Dean well ahead of the scheduled election date at the annual meeting of the Trustees in September of this year.

A High Watch straw poll among the two active candidates (myself and William Fennie, H.W., M.) had been scheduled for the June 26 meeting of the High Watch, but the early selection of a new Dean makes that poll moot and avoids any possible embarrassment to the newly selected Dean.

Here’s the email I received from Janet earlier today:


I hope by now you have been apprised that the Trustees made the decision on the Deanship at their meeting last Sunday.

Therefore, I believe a straw poll to be unnecessary at this point.

I was waiting to tell you this until I was reasonably sure you knew the reason, and had heard it from an official source.

I am sorry you did not hear sooner, but I’m sure you can understand my hesitation.

I hope you will continue to be involved in our meetings.

— Janet

No one from the trustees has yet to inform me, one of the two candidates directly involved, that a new dean has been selected. Anne Bollman of the Dean Search Committee (three people appointed by the President of the trustees) told me on June 24 that they had cancelled my dean candidacy. because I wouldn’t meet with them.. This was apparently five days after a new dean had been selected.

I am sorry to all the High Watch members who participated in the straw poll, whose opinions were asked for and then ignored.

I guess what they say about bullies is correct. When you stand up tp them, they hide behind other people.

–Mike Zonta, BB editor

2 thoughts on “Op-Ed: Trustees block High Watch Straw Poll on New Dean”

  1. These Trustees are out of bounds. Their actions reflect exactly the county’s SOC and Republican movement to curtail freedoms and suppress the will of students. Be it out of fear or stupidity or lack of understanding of Translation. They manipulate HW and others so they may remain in a position of ego party.

    As a Mentor, I am disgusted by the curtailing of election by Dean.
    We are looking at the disaster and dismantlement of The Prosperos.

  2. I’m glad you see, like I do, the connection between what’s happening in our country and what’s happening in our school.

    Let’s hope our country fares better than our school.

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