Love evolves and death isn’t worth your worry – life lessons from an 88-year-old

An intimate and artful slice-of-life portrait, Inga captures the routines and reflections of an 88-year-old woman named Inga Boysen. Framed as a peek into her daily life and careful reflections as she records a memoir in a notebook, this documentary by the Danish-born, Norwegian-based filmmaker Uffe Mulvad follows Boysen through everyday routines of waking, writing, exercising and bathing in a nearby lake. Her memoir is presented in two chapters. The first is about love, and how over time it evolves from something electric and unreasonable to something more calm, negotiated and sustainable. The second is a reflection on the bittersweet nature of old age. Like Boysen’s daily swim, the short film makes for a brief-yet-nurturing encounter.

Director: Uffe Mulvad

Producer: Jonathan Langelund 3 August 2021 (

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