Enhanced Crown Mysteries

Special Event for Translators!Enhanced Crown Mysteries

December 10 – 12, 2021
Friday Evening, Saturday & Sunday

Thane’s rarely taught pinnacle lessons For advanced* practitioners of Translation® and Releasing the Hidden SplendourTM, this is the alchemical creative process generated within the psyche of the individual that looses something NEW in the world.
“ECM” makes understandable the formerly esoteric teachings of mystics of the ages.

Learn of the phenomenally powerful Truth of “In the beginning was the word….”  This understanding will enable  you to “speak the word” and use this power that is your birthright.

Thane also expands upon the symbolic meaning of the SEVEN DAYS OF CREATION. . . building the sixth and seventh steps of Translation®.  A new and deeper understanding of Translation® awaits you in the Crown Mysteries.

All lessons recorded by Thane and monitored by Al Haferkamp, H.W., M.

Class Fees:  $195 New or Review; $125 Life Members

 *Translation® and Releasing the Hidden SplendourTM are prerequisites for ECM.  

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