“Creativity” by Robert McEwen, H.W., M.

I like to write.  Really because I have to write.  I don’t feel I have a choice.  It is what I do.  Same with astrology.  I picked up both of those at the age of 16.  Got addicted to them both.  Oh yeah, along with bass guitar!  I started a band and wrote songs too.  Not complicated or great master pieces, but they were MY songs…thy had a gut and they popped.  Pop music came from Pop  People like anything when it POPS!  Its real, it has feeling, and it is a bit catchy as well..it turns around and bites it self and then snaps out again…kinda like a rattle snake.   Creativity is a bit dangerous.  It wakes me up at night and I have to grab my pen and paper.  I write with abandon.  I feel reckless and wildly untamed… and look over my shoulder at times, to see if is anyone is watching me.  Maybe the writing police have their red lights on behind me and are about to sound their sirens.   We all like something that surprises us with feelings, even if we get scared, it is exciting and my heart is beating faster now. Something, a feeling that  doesn’t fit in.  That breaks the norms rules and the average code.  We get bored otherwise.  Life is monotnous and is just going through the motions.  So, we break out and go outside the dots.  That means actually that we have to dig inside to our real feelings to create.  Be it writing, music, or astrology.  If it snaps, and breaks commonality then it pops!  It gets our attention.  IT is real!  It has integrity of its own.  It holds its own and I like it, you like it, others may like it.  But it is not written for that reason, so others can approve of it. Creativity is not an object that you go to the store and buy.  You can’t buy it in a form of somekind.  It is a function of its own intelligence and creates its own energy.  It can’t be stopped once it is born. There is a little bit of rebellion in real creativity, and really in just “being alive!”    I learn by trial and error.  Certainly everything I write is not great.  That is for sure.  I have written some real dribble. I know that…but it is going to take me to the next level.  I take a risk and know I am not really failing in the long run…I am learning!  I am growing.    But each thing leads to something that may “pop”  That a connection may happen inside.   It is an inner revolution that sparks..the energy between different parts..the contradictions create a tension and then there is release. I don’t edit much, because too often the “juice” gets squeezed out of it and it lays there lifeless and limp.  Creativity is like hot sex.  That is when its good.   Sex is creative energy popping, and writing or music, or even astrology, for me anyway, is like really good sex.  It is intimate, and a bit spicy, and almost feels like I am being a little naughty!  I can feel it building toward a climax in my body and electrical aura.  A connection is about to make something new and fresh and explode!  That is when I know I am onto something.  I have grabbed the hot wire and in the “zone”.  I don’t have a choice about it…I have to do it, just like I have to breathe.  I am not really alive unless I am being creative. 
And this idea in an articles smash and blends to some other idea in an article, or song and make another unexpected baby. A surprise!  It has no normal rules! It has its own rules.  It has its own voice.  That is what I listen to and follow.  That is my creed in being alive  here on earth.   — by me, Robert W. McEwen

Robert W. McEwen

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