Calling the Rain Spirit

By Red Hawk

My daughters and I once drove past a spot
where trees and grass were on fire.
We stopped: 100 degrees, no clouds,
nothing to fight the fire with.
Rain Drop was 5 then. She said she would
call the Rain Spirit and she did.

Eyes closed she sat there
in the back seat, legs crossed
and then she fell right over.
She lay totally still.
Little Wind and I watched,
not sure what to do.

A few minutes and she sat up.
A few more and the rain came in sheets
so heavy cars pulled over and stopped.
The fire was put out at once.
I saw it happen. It was child’s play.
I do not expect you to believe it;

I only tell you because I saw
the price we have paid
in trading trust for reason.
Rain Drop knew exactly what to do
and she did it. I saw it.
I do not expect you to believe it.

–Red Hawk, Sioux Dog Dance

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