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Shock administered!!! (by Mike Zonta, H.W., M.)


In Fourth Way tradition, sometimes the master of a Fourth Way school will administer a shock to their students.  The shock takes the form of the teacher, in effect, holding a mirror up in front of the student and showing (or telling) the student:  “This is what you are doing.  This is how you are being.  Knock it off!”

Now the student at this point can feel sorry for themselves.  The student can feel that the teacher (who they have invested with great reverence and trust) is somehow just picking on them out of spite, and thereby completely ignore the possibility of growth that this shock presents.

Or the student can say, in effect:  “Yes, you’re right.  I see now that I have been behaving in this way and I thank you for showing me this aberration of behavior.  I know (and you know) that I am more than that, better than that, and I thank you for showing me the error of my ways and all the energy that I might have used for feeling sorry for myself, or being defensive about my behavior is now released in freeing myself to be a better me, a healthier me, a happier me, a more constructive me.”

Thane of Hawaii was the only Fourth Way teacher I’ve ever known and his teacher G.I. Gurdjieff was the only other Fourth Way teacher I’ve ever heard of.  Neither of them are around any more.

But in the absence of those teachers, I think that sometimes life itself can and often does give us a shock.  I just never thought it would or could be on such a massive scale as the world has just experienced with the election of President-elect Donald Trump.

Okay, shock has been administered!!!

Now how are we going to respond to it?  Are we going feel sorry for ourselves and blame the racists and sexists amongst us?   How does a racist country elect and re-elect an African-American as president?  And if people just don’t want a woman president, how come Hillary won the popular vote?

The Universe has administered us a shock, and if we wish to go to our rooms and feel sorry for ourselves or try to justify our past behavior, then we are missing a tremendous (“Believe me! Tremendous!”) opportunity for self-reflection and self-transcendence.

As some of you know, I keep a daily journal of my dreams and also remarkable events of the “waking dream” of my daily life.  On September 18, I had a sort of lucid dream which had these words clearly written out:   “Hillary Clinton Victory”.

I didn’t know quite what to do with that information.  Do I tell everyone how psychic am?  (Good thing I didn’t do that.)  I just kept it to myself, but it made me feel pretty safe about the outcome of November 8th’s election.

Although it did seem kind of suspicious to me that if Pluto in Capricorn was really having its way (which transit lasts from 2008 to 2024), why would it resolve things so nicely in favor of the established way of doing things?   It’s more Pluto’s way to blow things up and plow through things than to let them settle nicely into the way they have always been.

So Pluto (i.e. the Universe) is having its way with us.  And Pluto is the planet (yes, it’s still a planet!!!) of transformation and rules the sign of Scorpio, “the most intense sign of the Zodiac, [which is] associated with sexual activity and with the symbolism of death and rebirth” (  And Capricorn is the astrological sign of institutions. like the Democratic Party, the Republican Party and The Prosperos, to name three.

So my unconscious mind was setting me up for a fall.  And I, like much of the rest of the world, fell hard.

But now we need to take advantage of this shock, not in navel gazing or post-mortems, but in taking a good hard look in the mirror presented to us so that we can transform our institutions:  The Democratic Party, The Republican Party, the Electoral College, The Prosperos and whatever other institutions you can think of.

And while we’re at it, we might try on a little self-transformation as well.  If we don’t, the Universe (in the form of Pluto or whatever form it takes) will do it for us.

–Mike Zonta, H.W., M.
Editor, Bathtub Bulletin

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Key Warnings (per astrologer Steven Forrest)

  • Self-righteousness (Capricorn)
  • Madness (Pluto)

A note from Zoe Robinson, H.W., M., about mindfulness

Dear Friends,

Given the US election result foreshadowed by the UK’s Brexit, change along with it’s accompanying uncertainty for the future is being ratcheted up in people’s daily lives around the globe.

The Uranus Pluto square energies (intensification of change) are highlighted at this time and are joined by Jupiter (expansion) this October, November and December!  Not to mention other dynamics to the fore.

As we go through this ‘shift’ anchors for stability are all the more needed and we are blessed in the Prosperos to have the tools we do.  However, I have thought to write once more to let you know it’s been decided to postpone the first session of the Mindfulness course that was to begin this week to start next week(details below) and thereby open up the opportunity for any one who would like to join us as we work with the current energies.

Mindfulness exercises and meditations when learned and practiced assist among other things in ‘stepping back’ in the midst of wherever you find yourself at any given moment.  They can be worked with metaphysically or not depending on the individual.  Mindfulness practices give us ways of finding ‘balance’ in the present!

In addition to the global, collective changes occurring now any transition, including retirement, one of the big transitions for us baby boomers requires our extra conscious attention.  As we meet these transitional challenges individually and collectively mindfulness practices can be of enormous benefit during such transitions.

If this is not for you at this time, then perhaps you know someone who might benefit from taking this course, please make an act of kindness and give them the details.

If you are interested please write to me at:

First Mindfulness session online: Thurs, Nov 17 at 8:00 AM PDT – 60 mins.
(Day and time flexible depending on your schedule, let me know what works foryou.)

Registration Fee for 14 weekly meetings with a break for the holidays.
New:  $70     Reviewer:  $35     Non Prosperos:  $120

There’s great support to be found in a group setting online which brings focus to building your Mindfulness practice step-by-step.  Our first session will include the 2 minute exercise that many of you may be familiar with and then we’ll go from there.

Give yourself and/or someone else a gift for the present moment.

May All Be Well with you,

Kindly,  Zoë?



We are often told that we get the leaders we deserve.  If one understands the concept of “mentation,” the world as an out-picturing of our own consciousness (and unconsciousness), how could it be otherwise?

And as Bernie Sanders said throughout his presidential campaign, change starts from the bottom up, not the top down.  I think that applies to a change in consciousness as well.  And, indeed, the consciousness of Western civilization, if we can speak of such a thing, has been on the ascent for millenia.

Part of that ascent has been the idea of self-government.  What used to be taken for granted, the rule of kings and queens who ruled by divine right, is no longer acceptable.  Democracy or at least a republican democracy has become the order of the day for most of Western civilization.

But democracy requires citizen involvement.  And who has the time these days for citizen involvement?  We don’t live, for example, in some New England village where decisions can be made in the local town hall by people who you know and who know you.

In Thom Hartmann’s wonderful and comprehensive book, What Would Jefferson Do?, he says:  “Up until a century ago, more than half the humans in the world lived in societies that were essentially democratic, and from the dawn of humanity until a thousand years ago, as many as 90 percent of all humans lived in various types of democracies.  We just didn’t (and don’t) call them that.  We call them tribes.”

Some of those tribes rule by consensus.  “Following a tribal tradition that is so ancient its origin is lost in the mists of antiquity, they make decisions by talking around a circular meeting area and if any single member casts a veto, the issue is turned down,” Hartmann says.  “In every case, though, this leadership position was considered a burden and an obligation of service, not an opportunity for self-enrichment or lording it over others.”

Hartmann goes on to report that even amongst animals, democracy prevails.  When a heard of deer need to decide whether to continue grazing or go to on to another site, they make that decision as a group and when critical mass is achieved (51%), the herd moves on (or stays).

So why have an “alpha” male at all?  Hartmann suggests it may be a form of sexual hierarchy, but that when it comes to making decisions outside of sex, he (or she) is just another member of the tribe.

Self-government begins at home.  Self-government begins with governing oneself.  Making the unconscious conscious.  But this cannot be done in a vacuum.  It must be done at the same time as one goes about one’s daily life:  going to work, being part of a family, being part of a community, being part of a nation and a world in crisis.

“To make spiritual truth an effective force for ordered freedom and common good,” the motto of The Prosperos, must at some point become political, that is, part of the polis or city.

So what about the “alpha” male named Donald Trump?  What does his presidential campaign mean as a mentation?  Can he ignore the critical mass which has already decided that black lives do matter, that women are equal in law and in fact to men, that gay relationships have as much legitimacy as non-gay relationships, that climate change is a real problem caused by human activity, that the world has become smaller and more democratic through the international use of social media and the internet, and that spirituality comes in many forms none of which includes megalomania or fundamentalism.

I think the herd has decided to move on and, even if elected, “alpha” male Trump will be just another voice in the herd.  We are the critical mass we have been waiting for.

[This blog was originally posted on July 22, 2016.]

“HUGE Changes Are Upon Us With Pluto In Capricorn”

Pluto In Capricorn - HUGE Changes Are Upon Us!

by Gregg Prescott, M.S.

With the ushering in of Pluto in Capricorn, the breaking down of all that is corrupt has begun and these changes will allow that which is in humanity’s best interests to replace those control objects that have kept us economic slaves for hundreds of years.

By now, many of us know about the rare astrological alignment, Pluto in Capricorn, and how it brings about huge changes in society. The last time Pluto was in Capricorn was in 1776, the year of the American Revolution. If you look around the world, there are many revolutions going on right now and this is not a coincidence!

Pluto is known as the “Destroyer” and it breaks down everything that is bad so it can be replaced with that with that which is good.

The society we currently live in will look like the Stone Age in the near future as all suppressed technologies are released.


  • abundance for everyone
  • never having to pay an electric bill
  • being able to teleport anywhere in the world
  • an end to all diseases, including cancer
  • pure water without fluoride and chemicals
  • clean, fresh air with a significant reduction in pollution
  • healthy, organic food for all
  • being able to follow your true, divine reason for being here
  • a world similar to the Venus Project

These are absolute realities in our very near future!

Those who were in control (The Powers That Were <TPTW>) will continue to maintain their illusion of control but what are they really controlling? The One People’s Public Trust movement already has more net worth than every corporation and every person on this planet, combined, so what is left to control? Only their illusions…

When Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008, I originally posted a video called “Banking Collapse Announces The Beginning Of The Golden Age” on YouTube. At that point in time, many banks were collapsing and if you were to read between the lines, the message was clear. These banks, and ALL banks, were on a collision course of self-destruction.

Money has always been the product of economic slavery which has kept us bridled in debt while encouraging egoistic and materialist pursuits, many of which are based on controlled obsolescence, which requires us to buy the newest or latest gadgets with no concern about the environment.

We are at the juncture of an important era in time. As we exit out of the Age of Pisces and enter the Age of Aquarius, new energies will continue to infuse the planet which will bring about many positive changes as the old systems decay while new systems are implemented in the best interests of humanity.

Many unawakened people will want to continue holding on to the old paradigm because this is the only way of life that they know. Other people may resist change because their belief system is unable to visualize the New Earth that is being born right now.

Those who are awakened (yes, YOU that are reading this article!) will play an important role in helping others make this transition, such as helping your family members and friends understand what is going on and what options they will have.

If you are unsure what to say, you can always refer them to to catch up on the latest news and information regarding these changes.

TPTW have known about the importance of astrological alignments for many years. It is quite possible that the reason they built numerous underground bunkers is to hide as a result of these changes. There are many people who have been complicit in keeping us all as economic slaves and while all people should be forgiven, some people may have a harder time doing so than others.

What we will be looking at is reeducation system that helps people transition into this new paradigm. Many of us will volunteer to become teachers.

Other changes may involve the ideas mentioned in this video:

Despite still being shackled in economic slavery and in the midst of numerous wars, the end is near, my friends! In the future, we will look back at these days and will be grateful for the opportunities we had for spiritual growth despite the plethora of challenges we faced.

Know in your mind that we have already won and now, it’s just a short waiting game for TPTW to relinquish their illusion of control and for us to begin a new chapter in humanity!

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About the Author:
Gregg Prescott <a href=Gregg Prescott, M.S. is the founder and editor of In5D and BodyMindSoulSpirit. You can find his In5D Radio shows on the In5D Youtube channel. He is also a transformational speaker and promotes spiritual, metaphysical and esoteric conferences in the United States through In5dEvents. His love and faith for humanity motivates him to work in humanity’s best interests 12-15+ hours a day, 365 days a year. Please like and follow In5D on Facebook as well as BodyMindSoulSpirit on Facebook!


CHAPTER SEVEN of the book ‘BEYOND SCIENCE’ by Robert C. Priddy

The multiple problem of what truth is seems so confusingly fathomless that there is quite simply no general consensus about it. Nowadays truth is seen by scientists simply as a concept representing factuality or else the validity of a theory. But this is far from being the whole truth of the matter. What has been regarded through the ages as truth is a value and it loses its full meaning if narrowed down to the mere matter of fact, as we shall see.


It was clear long ago to most ancient Indian and Greek philosophers that at least some things are mere ‘appearance’ and are misleading as to the ‘reality’ we think of as being ‘behind’ them or somehow beyond them. Western philosophers through the ages have held at least four distinct types of largely incompatible theories about truth (i.e. correspondence, coherence, pragmatic and dialectic theories).

What we see, hear and touch appears to give us certain knowledge of reality. Yet the first lesson of philosophy is that ‘not everything is as it appears’, for ‘the evidence of the senses’ is not always reliable. It has intrigued thinkers through the ages that any of our senses can at times give faulty perceptions. Our sensory organs themselves can be deranged, such as when the eyes develop double vision, jaundice makes things look yellow, or fever causes hallucinations. Even when healthy, the senses can ‘deceive’ us; mirages, a straight stick seems to bend in water, fast flashing lights blend into one single light and so on. Though these kinds of deception of the senses are not a major problem, it does mean that we do not always get a correct picture of sensory objects, let alone a full one.

Common sense falls down where there are appreciable differences between the accounts of different observers of the same event. An observer with one or another special type of training will report very differently to untrained people, and this can be due to the difference in their focus of interest and methods of observing etc. This is still obviously a very keen issue, for most scientific discovery begins from what has often been observed, but has not yet been recognised or accepted by science. However, the history of science shows clearly that what people have taken as common sense has quite often been either entirely false or inaccurate. The physical sciences have proven that our senses only give us a very truncated and often vague perception of many hidden ‘objective’ aspects of things which lie beyond the range of our unaided senses. Further than this, however, is the entire range of phenomena that arise in subjectivity, that is human consciousness and the mind, with all their vital influences on perception, interpretation and understanding of reality.

The main problem of sense observation is therefore that our impressions can only make sense to us if we interpret them. This interpretation process is mostly learned from childhood on so we are hardly ever aware of it taking place until we set out to study it systematically. A visit to a foreign country often shows strikingly how differently others seem to understand even the simplest matters such as bodily gestures or ways of ordering all manner of affairs. Many attitudes we took for granted we understood are then seen to be peculiar to our little corner of the world. From this we may learn how our own views are conditioned by our own culture and subjectivity. What we in fact perceive or neglect, in what context or light it appears to us and the meaning we attach to it very often depends upon deep-seated values. A right- and a left-wing politician will tend to observe and understand one and the same situation very differently. Personal, social and cultural values are often virtually impossible to neutralise for the purposes of detached observation.

When considering the fallibility of our senses as instruments for observing the ‘true’ nature of things, early philosophers realised that all the physical objects making up the sensory world are subject to change, sooner or later. The thing-world is therefore one of changing ‘appearances’, of eternal flux and of becoming rather than fixed being. So no object is ‘real’ in the very strictest sense of ‘real’, that is, permanently being only what it is.

Quantum physics – and the later developments in physics that modify or supplant it – is far removed from sensory experience in that the ideas which determine it are primarily mathematical, hence ideal rather than real. It is true that possible falsifications by observation are at the same time sought assiduously, because this is the agenda of science… to proceed by trial and error, where the errors are most crucially instructive. Approaching truth through falsification of hypotheses only takes place within this system of methodological axioms, which themselves remain unquestioned. Facts are therefore sought to fit in with new ideas through very complex rationalisations, often combined with systematic exclusion as irrelevant of facts of a quite different order that speak against the long-revered assumptions upon which all the paradigma of modern science rest. Truth can therefore, by this principle, never be reached, and thus nor can it be stated. To state any substantial truth provisionally would require that each statement be qualified and explained to such an extent as to make a permanently valid ‘theory of everything’ a practical impossibility. There are yet other very cogent reasons for this, which would probably be classified as theological.

The ‘first lesson of philosophy’, that no unchanging truth can be found in studying phenomena or the appearances external to ourselves, has largely been forgotten. This has led to neglect of subjectivity, consciousness and the mind, with all their vital influences on perception, interpretation and understanding of reality. In one sense, ‘temporal truth’ is real enough for us, but then again we realise it is ephemeral the real truth must lie somewhere beyond. This realisation was itself the driving idea behind early Indian thought and, later, European philosophy and consequently most of Western culture.

Most of the ‘kings of philosophy’ in line of succession from Socrates until Husserl – have firmly held that truth is immutable, or else it cannot be truth. They reject, on grounds of epistemological principle, that knowledge of truth can arise from sensory observation, that is from our sciences. Because spiritual truth is always held to be absolute and eternal, unchanging truth will not prove vulnerable to physics or other sciences because scientific knowledge is always developing and thus changing.

The situation can be summed up by saying that science is still necessarily fragmentary, and its approach to reality is through experience, which is never complete. Old theories are discarded or modified as research progresses. Sience is making constant inroads into the unknown, and has penetrated and refuted most convincingly many of what were regarded as ‘spiritual truths’, but turned out to be superstitions or misunderstandings due to human failings in the recording and handing down of knowledge and beliefs. Of the ultimate truths concering the creation of consciousness and its relation to the cosmos, science remains largely ignorant, but it is beginning to apply it’s methods to many of the issues which underly these matters.

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Beyond the Mist: New book by Billye Talmadge, H.W., M.


Authored by Billye G Talmadge

Billye Talmadge has been writing most of her adult life. Her interest in mystery stories led her to write for many mystery magazines. Unfortunately, many of her writings have been lost with time. Her true genius was in the classes and seminars she taught. Her many students in public schools and private arenas lives are better because she was their teacher. Her compassion and ability to see each student as an individual helped release their potential as a human being.

Publication Date:
Nov 03 2016
1539925439 / 9781539925439
Page Count:
Binding Type:
US Trade Paper
Trim Size:
5″ x 8″
Black and White
Related Categories:
Poetry / LGBT
About the author:
Billye Talmadge, H.W., M., born on December 7, 1929 in Missouri, and raised by her mother in Oklahoma. The black sheep of the Talmadge family she is the niece of former Georgia Senator and Governor Herman E Talmadge. In September 1955 she joined a group of other women in Rose Bamberger’s living room for a gathering that would lay the foundation for the Daughters of Bilitis, (DOB) the first lesbian civil rights group in America. By 1958 DOB had formed a network of local chapters across the country and between 1960-1970 DOB sponsored public conventions on gay and lesbian issues. Billye acted as educator to the women that came as well as in interviews and literature, presenting the DOB and GLBT issues in a non-threatening manner to the general public.She was involved with the Gab ‘n Java sessions, The Ladder magazine, and in the formation and development of the Council on Religion and Homosexuals. She was an early supporter of Troy Perry and the formation of the MCC church. From the very beginning she was heavily involved in education and peer-to-peer counseling, which often was as-simple-as reassuring Lesbians they were not ill or depraved.DOB became more and more involved with civil rights, instead of speaking in terms of gay and lesbian DOB often used the term variant, as in alternate sexual preference. Members were assured that their identity would be kept secret as it was a time when many would have lost their jobs or been expelled from school if their sexual and gender preferences were known.

Early on Billye became interested in human sexuality and the variations it represented. She has always identified as female, but taught and showed that the androgynous nature we all have, allows us to identify as any gender. She was instrumental in providing the philosophy for Del Martin and Phyl Lyons activities on human sexuality in San Francisco.

Billye has dedicated her life to education and inclusion of all women. Her memories are full of DOB and the early days and the individual stories of the women who came to DOB seeking both shelter and companionship from their well of loneliness in a world who rejected them.

Billye has written for mystery magazines as well as professional journals.

Available now at:
or at

Galaxy Song – from Monty Python’s “The Meaning of Life”

Galaxy Song, taken from Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life. Terry Jones picked this as part of his Top 10 Monty Python Movie Moments for Esquire Magazine –
“It’s such a lovely song. I think it’s one of the best things Eric [Idle]’s ever done. There was going to be more animation but Terry was so busy with other parts of the film we ended up using more of the live-action parts that I’d shot for safety.”

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