“Site of Contact February 2017 Is ready for a peek” by Calvin Harris, H.W., M.

We are 31 days into the New Year cycle. For myself I am calling it “Re-imaging in 2017- the Evolution of You.” The year ahead is like a unwritten book, The writer of the book, is you and Life is waiting to be uncovered. How shall we do it?  We all know that life is never uninteresting, it has always has some twist and turns and it is never in a straight line thou some may think it is, it is a nonlinear time loop.

Yes, the new year seems to give clean pages upon which to write, but can we do it? Each month a new chapter is waiting to be written. siteofcontact.net is here to help. We will be focused on different subjects and ways to do things in an ongoing fashion all month so come back for our changes throughout February 2017 and see what happening.  Right now on our Adventure In page, that it let you know that today was “go to work naked day”  Check out what February really has to offer to get you up, moving and out of the house.

Persistence, Not Genius, Is the Reason We Know Einstein’s Name

by David Bodanis (bigthink.com)
Einstein had three great character traits. “I might not be more skilled than other scientists,” he liked to say, “but I have the persistence of a mule.” If he built a house of cards and it came crashing down, young Einstein would exhale and start again, says biographer David Bodanis. He languished for many years in a patent office in Switzerland, unable to get a job as a high-school teacher, while in the top drawer of his desk were four recently completed papers – two of which were Special Relativity and E=mc2. He pressed on with his work until people noticed. Secondly, Einstein had a thick skin. One bad whisper can shatter most mere mortals, but in 1920 there was an anti-Einstein rally at the Opera House in Berlin, where people opposed to “Jewish science”. Later still, in 1933, highly educated students from Göttingen, one of the greatest university in the world at the time, burned his books. Thirdly, he was inherently noble. He had a great conscience for his fellow humans, and used a huge amount of his income and other raised money to get people out of Germany and safely to America. Despite having thick skin, he was not callous – he had great sensitivity for humanity as a whole. Though the FBI did not let him be part of the team that built the atom bomb, Einstein’s work paved the way for the technology. When he heard the U.S. had dropped the bomb on Japan, he was grief stricken, and said “If I had known I wouldn’t have lifted a finger.” David Bodanis’ most recent book is Einstein’s Greatest Mistake.