Wendy Mandy’s four mantras

1) DIN ( Do It Now )
Many people procrastinate on actions for fear of failure, making the ‘wrong’ decision or fear of judgement. In truth there is no ‘wrong’ decision or anyone else’s opinion that matters. It is only learning.

We learn from ‘mistakes,’ we don’t learn from doing nothing. Consciousness, like nature, is fundamentally benevolent and loves flow & movement.

2) Stay Present
Most people enjoy life if they stay present to what is. If you are caught in an airport for example, chill out, trust you will get where you’re going when you are meant to, and watch people.

If your bus is late in the rain, watch the raindrops fall off umbrellas or the bus stop window. Raindrops are fascinating.

If you are alone, try to meditate. If you are with people try to concentrate on showing up for yourself in the interaction and don’t get drawn into dramas so you can be strong for others (especially children).

Most anxiety comes from an inability to trust being present to the moment and to experience what is happening. Nothing will ever be as bad as it felt when we were anxious as a child. It is just a memory that is triggered. If we can stay present and breathe through the discomfort it will pass. If we try to escape it through addiction to an outside source we will never understand or overcome the discomfort.

3) Inner Discipline
If you care for yourself you can care for others. This means you have to be disciplined when you are creating good habits, not bad habits, around self-care. Don’t be lazy with yourself, try to motivate yourself as though you were motivating someone else. No one else can do it for you. If you didn’t get what you needed as a child, no one else but yourself will parent you now.

Also, no one can do anything ‘to’ you. They can only trigger your desire to grow. This takes out blame from any situation.

4) Gracious Vagueness
This term means that if you show compassion for yourself you can show compassion for others. This includes saying ‘no’ graciously to others when they want something of you, if you are unable to give it.

For example, a child may nag you for new trainers. Rather than be stern, rude, or annoyed, all you have to do is direct them kindly to another subject. Or have compassion for their desire and staying firm in a kind way about your inability to buy them the new trainers, rather than getting into an argument.

If a person interrupts you on the street for money for a charity, you don’t have to be hostile, you can just say “well done for trying to help the charity, but I can’t give you any time or money today.”

In other words, even if you can’t fulfil someone else’s expectations there is no reason to be rude or hostile. Just show compassion for their desires and be firm and kind in your approach.


Obviously all these mantras are easier if you can experience some kind of process work. I encourage you to seek out any practitioners, workshops, The Fellowship, or plant medicine (taken properly in ceremony) to help you do this.


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