Uranus Stationery Direct – Sudden Awakening

Bracha Goldsmith #astrology, #2021, #january2021, #marsuranus, #capitolsiege, #uranusdirect#marstaurus, #uranustaurus, The energies for the rest of this month are explosive, revolutionary and disruptive. Uranus goes stationery direct on January 14th, followed by the square with Jupiter and Uranus on January 17th, followed by the Inauguration on January 20th which is full of square aspects. How could all this play out personally and globally? On a personal level, be prepared for disruptions, sudden changes, challenges to your status quo. Unhealthy attachments may need to go. What are you holding onto that you no longer need, that is not for your highest good? What limitations are you arguing for that perhaps are not even yours? This is a time of learning to compromise, to see the other side no matter how obnoxious it looks. To find a way to see ALL perspectives – not necessarily to agree, but to allow others to have their viewpoint. These are very challenging aspects with great potential for huge change and awakening. I hope you will join me on my latest series of Webinars! Come and learn astrology with Bracha! https://yourastrologysigns.com/webina…0:00 Welcome + Introduction 04:04 Soothing 07:53 Square energy 12:00 Attachment 14:44 Magnify 16:55 Fixed energy 19:41 Comforts 23:34 Stamina + Release 26:43 Surprises 30:34 Drama 33:39 Hearts 36:42 Bring it on + Well wishes Thank you very much to everyone who supports Bracha’s channel! 😊 If you would like to contribute to help Bracha continue to share free videos, please consider the following options: A small, monthly donation on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/brachagoldsmith Click the link to see the perks available if you did wish to donate every month on Patreon. 😉 A donation via PayPal: https://yourastrologysigns.com/donate/ If you would like to deepen your astrology knowledge, Bracha has books and videos available to buy: https://yourastrologysigns.com/astrol… A personal astrology or channeled reading with Bracha: https://yourastrologysigns.com/astrol… Channeled Paintings: https://yourastrologysigns.com/astrol… Order an Astrology Report – your Year Ahead, Solar Return: https://yourastrologysigns.com/reports/ Join my Free Newsletter: https://yourastrologysigns.com/newsle… FOLLOW ME: Bracha’s Instagram https://www.instagram.com/brachagolds… Bracha’s Facebook https://www.facebook.com/barbaragolds… Bracha’s Twitter https://twitter.com/brachagoldsmith Thank you for liking, commenting, sharing and subscribing! Enjoy the video! https://yourastrologysigns.com/

(Recommended by Zoë Robinson, H.W., M.)

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