Things I learned over the past four years and am deeply grateful for

By Pam Rodolph, H.W., M.

(Please feel free to continue my list and circulate it)

1. People are awake to government now that never were before. Four years ago, if I tried to talk to a teenager about government, all I got were “eye-rolls” and blank stares. These same teenagers now know more about government than I do. 

2. We should be grateful we’re awake now to how bad it can get. We were schooled in the weaknesses in our government. Now we can do something about it. 

3. We learned we can’t be complacent when it comes to government. I doubt we will take our government for granted for sometime to come. 

4. People now know their vote counts and that government is understandable. 

5. We will be better at recognizing pitfalls. 

6. We have a new respect for politicians. After all, you wouldn’t go to a ditch digger to get your fingernails painted. 

7. For the betterment of ALL of us, civility is not an option, especially for our leaders. 

8. If anyone was ever in doubt, we’ve had a very good example of rogue mind versus sanity and wisdom. Making this SO visible is to help us make clear choices. I think we should continue to translate sense testimonies centered around believing lies for a long time as, even if they become invisible once again, we know the alt right is not only there but far more massive than we thought. .

9. I feel sad that I don’t feel reverence watching the President’s helicopter disappear in the distance as he leaves the White House for good. But in the same vein, I would  have never thought I would feel like crying over a President’s Inauguration. 

10. I think Americans have a new appreciation for our Constitution and how it holds together under incredible adversity.  It is surely a thing of beauty !!!!

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