These Are the Signs Someone Was Raised By a Narcissist

MedCircle Watch the rest of this exclusive video series on narcissism, personality disorders & relationships HERE: These are the signs someone was raised by a narcissist. In this video, Dr. Seth Meyers and MedCircle host Kyle Kittleson also discuss… What is narcissism? What are the central criteria of narcissism? What does a healthy romantic relationship looks like? What are the elements of a healthy vs narcissistic relationship? What are the signs someone was raised by a narcissist? How does someone act in a romantic relationship that indicates they were raised by one or more narcissistic parents? How does a narcissistic mother or father impact someone’s romantic relationships going forward? How can supporters help someone who is unknowingly seeking out a romantic relationship with a narcissist? Thanks for watching our YouTube video! You can check out hundreds of videos on narcissism at

One thought on “These Are the Signs Someone Was Raised By a Narcissist”

  1. Wow—I was expecting one liners in the same vein as: “How to tell if you are Southern,” or, “How to tell if you are a red neck.”

    Now I’m interested.

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