The democratization of America; the democratization of The Prosperos; the democratization of myself


By Mike Zonta, H.W., M.

Watching the Democratic National Convention’s 4-day advertisement for Hillary Clinton, I wonder if we’ll ever get to the point of living in a democratic country, a country in which we all don’t rely on one person to run the whole show or at least to lead the whole show.

It used to be said in Prosperos circles, that the trustees would run the school until the High Watch could get its act together.  That hasn’t happened yet.

I wonder if the same thing could be said about our country.  What would it look like if the citizens of this country ran the country instead of our current trustees — those elected with the help of our the hierarchical  corporations which finance their campaigns.

If so, what would that look like?  Friends of mine here in San Francisco have developed an online unhackable (they say) way to vote which would require citizen participation in an unprecedented way.  (It’s called Democracy Operating System.)   Citizens would propose, debate and vote online and elect representatives who would be bound to cast their votes according to the democratic majority of the registered online citizens.

As Thom Hartmann said in his book, “What Would Jefferson Do?”, even a herd of deer or a flock of birds makes its decisions through democracy, through voting via body language which way to go and when.  So that the voice of the “alpha” male (or female) is just another vote.

Isn’t that ontological?  Well, equality is certainly ontological.  But not only equality of voice but equality of involvement.  I remember one public forum of the Metaphysical Alliance (an organization founded in the late ’80s to combat the fear of AIDS permeating the gay community), some asked us to change the way we ran our meetings. I told these people that if they wanted to have a voice in how we did things, they should attend our monthly planning meetings.  There is no voting without involvement.

So we get the leadership we deserve whether in the country or in our family.  The Prosperos teaches us that ultimately the responsibility for all aspects of our life lies in consciousness, and specifically in each of our own individuations of consciousness.  The government of our country begins with the government of ourselves and that requires work on yourself.

The world is going through a great crisis today.  Perhaps a new birth. Gerald Heard referred to it as our “Second Maturity.”  Not just the maturity of being an adult citizen of our country, but being an adult citizen of the universe, or as Thane of Hawaii put it, a Native of Eternity.

As a Native of Eternity, our home is wherever we find ourselves and, at the same time, as an expression of Infinite Mind.  And with Infinite Mind as our home and our source of supply, we can approach problems with the perspective of Infinite Mind.

And the perspective of Infinite Mind is oneness.  The perspective of Infinite Mind is love.  And democracy (the rule of the majority) is a natural when citizens are infused with love.

This was always the problem with the Occupy movement.  There was not enough love, enough trust.  How can you make decisions based on consensus without the basis of love and trust?  You can’t.

Even within ourselves, we must become democratic.  When we reach the Second Maturity, we see others as aspects of ourself, not as separate from ourself.  So there is no room for enemies — only an aspect of ourself which is not very well understood yet or which does not understand itself very well yet.

A majority of us (a critical mass) needs to arrive at the threshold of Universal citizenry which does engender trust and which does engender democracy.  Democracy is just the practical application of love and trust.

Until then, monarchy (hierarchy) rules.  Long live the Queen!

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