The Connection Between Consciousness and Language

Nexus Void Hey everyone, I decided to remake an older video to make it more accessible. I also combined part 1 and 2 into one video. In this video we examine Jaynes’ theory about the true nature of consciousness and why he believed that consciousness is a product of our complicated language structure. All of these ideas belong to Julian Jaynes in his work The Origins of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind. One quote is also used from Carl Jung’s, The Stages of Life. Introduction to the Bicameral Mind:… Adam and Eve:… The Difference Between Consciousness and Language:…

One thought on “The Connection Between Consciousness and Language”

  1. This is so important to understand as students of ontology and consciousness. All teachers should listen to this. Thank you Michael for continuing to supply us with this type of continuing education.

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