The Ascendency of Political and Biological Corruption?

Mike Zonta and Bernie Sanders standee at 18th & Castro, San Francisco, on January 26, 2020 . Photo by Anton O’Donnell (

March 18, 2020

A few days ago it gave me great satisfaction to come up with a sense testimony which seemed to clarify what has been going on these past few weeks and months. The sense testimony is this: “Political and biological corruption seems to be on the ascendant.”

I campaigned very hard for Bernie Sanders mostly for one reason: to get money out of politics. When large corporations and organizations like the National Rifle Association can buy politicians, what chance does public opinion really have?

For those who require a study to point out the obvious, Martin Gilens from Princeton and Benjamin Page from Northwestern did just that in 2014. Their conclusion: “When the preferences of economic elites and the stands of organized interest groups are controlled for, the preferences of the average American appear to have only a minuscule, near-zero, statistically non-significant impact upon public policy.” (See

Former San Francisco Mayor and current San Francisco Chronicle columnist Willie Brown said in a recent column: “Sen. Bernie Sanders is already telling supporters that his campaign is a fight against the billionaire-dominated Democratic establishment. Black, white, gay, straight or whatever, if you don’t support the “revolution,” then you are either a greedy millionaire or an unwitting pawn of Wall Street interests.

What Da Mayor pretends to misunderstand is that the “revolution” is against the billionaire-dominated Democratic establishment. So their money is exactly the problem and exactly what the Sanders campaign is revolting against.

My work for the Bernie Sanders campaign was not just political work. It was spiritual work. And you could feel it. I wasn’t just working for myself. I was working for generations yet unborn. And for generations more recently born than my own.

So when Bernie began losing states on Super Tuesday, the let down was devastating to me and many others. And then came the Covid-19 crisis. Thus my sense testimony: “Political and biological corruption seems to be on the ascendant.”

Today a nice young lady from the VA phoned me up and said that, due to the Covid-19 crisis, I would have to reschedule my VA appointment from March 24 to some time in June. She was so sweet that I found myself involuntarily wanting to cry out to her: “Please help me. I’m so scared.”

I didn’t. But it surprised me. I didn’t think I was that scared. So I can understand people who voted against Bernie. They’re scared too. And they think the DNC-approved candidate will make it all better.

I don’t think most of us really want democracy. We want to be taken care of. We want dependency.

Even in The Prosperos democracy is not very popular. Article IV, Section 6 of The Prosperos By-Laws: “The Executive Council may veto any action of the High Watch or of the Trustees; but such veto must be unanimous on the part of the Executive Council.”

Last year I proposed doing something about this draconian power imbalance by granting veto power to the High Watch and the Trustees. It was voted down by the High Watch by 10-4.

Thane Walker, guru-in-chief and founder of The Prosperos, was adamant about getting us to stand on our own two feet. Whether in our Translations or our RHSes or our life.

So to the corporate Democrats, to the Covid-19 fear-mongers and to the High Watch of The Prosperos, I repeat Benjamin Franklin’s famous quote: “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

One thought on “The Ascendency of Political and Biological Corruption?”

  1. I voted for Bernie back in ’16, over HRC, in the Louisiana primary. This was partially to give HRC something to push against, knowing that she would probably get the nomination and who her opponent would be, but also because I like Bernie and what he stands for. So, like you, I was pretty disappointed when his campaign faltered.

    Still, Joe Biden has always been a kind of sentimental favorite for me, due to his close association with Obama, whom I also liked very much – tho, of course, for totally different reasons. (I also liked Elizabeth Warren, who struck me as just the person to tear you-know-who a new you-know-what…)

    Be all that as it may, at this point, I think Progressives, Liberals, Centrists, and indeed Conservatives – that is, everybody but the Far Right – will get a much better deal from Biden, whatever his flaws, than the presently projected alternative.

    Meanwhile, at the risk of recommending something everyone’s already seen, Peterson did a really bang-up interview with Greg Hurwitz, a Democrat intent on the same kind of anti-corruption, anti-big-money reforms – and, love him or hate him, Peterson is an exceptionally good interviewer. Here’s the link:

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