Translators:  Richard Branam, Mike Zonta, Hanz Bolen, Melissa Goodnight, Alex Gambeau, Ben Gilberti

Family can be needed.
Family can be painful.
Family can be present or absent.

5th Step Conclusions:

1)  Truth dwells everywhere in a family/household of perfect, harmonious, effortless formation, with only masters (no slaves) and lacking only absence.

2)  Family is the ever presence, oneness and harmony of Truth.

3)  Truth and love is the One Family of All Existing Souls

4)  One Infinite Consciousness is always fully illuminating the Truth about the limitlessness of love — by the unbroken continuity of BELONGING that is revealed in every precious expression of Itself.

5)  Truth I Am, individuated, is Presence, Mastery, and Dominion, protecting, celebrating all as kin. Truth I Am is Kin, Intimately, Powerfully Celebrating All.

6)  Truth is the Intimate eloquent Domestication, this elegant Companionship, is Universally Principled right of property, Being the household Master of the party of living life.
Truth is I Am, this soothing, Powerful Ability, Identity is Innately Instinctive compulsion’s, this QuintEssential Sum Totality Consciousness Individuated, is the Indivisibly Principled self Soothing Family.

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