Translators:  Richard Branam, Mike Zonta, Hanz Bolen, Melissa Goodnight

SENSE TESTIMONY:  Hunger for authority can lead to investing it into false representations.

5th Step Conclusions:

1)  Truth is satiation. Truth is enough. Truth is full. Truth invests in Itself, culminates in Itself, represents Itself eternally, with open eyes and open heart.

2)  The Truth of One/Infinite Consciousness/Beingness is exceeding surfeit of informing/empowering Intelligence — always endowing perfectly, every pure and pristine visibility, of its own Immaculate Nature.

3)  Universal Integrity I AM is the Sound Agreeable Instantaneous Presence I AM Powerfully, Knowingly Fulfilling All I Am, All I, We, Thou are.

4)  Truth Being the Unguent Cause of All Investments’, this Fully Satisfying Right to Competency is the Autismiscal Security, Assurance of Supreme Evaluation, Tempering the Indispensable Equipoise, Honestly the Only Androgynous, Individuated Identity that works’ for the Commonwealth of All Concerned.

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  1. Hi Michael,
    Just got internet where I’m living and am glad that BB and Sunday night TR is still going on. Hope all is well with you
    Sarah Flynn

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