Translators:  Mike Zonta, Melissa Goodnight, Richard Branam, Hanz Bolen

SENSE TESTIMONY:  Intentional terror may use viruses or fear as weapons for mass disruption.

5th Step Conclusions:

1)  Truth, the Finished Kingdom, incorruptible, irreverent, unbreakably whole, having dominion over all, uses Itself in all ways, at all times with whatever tool is at hand.

2)  Truth is All entirely One, Divine Design of perfectly benevolent Intelligence, always expressing completely and seamlessly, the transmission and transition of Itself — as Infinite Mind Unfolding.

3)  Truth is ONE Universal World Mind Abstraction, this Harmony of the Divine Syllogism is the Determined Sphere of Humaneness, I Amness, the substantial Principle, Principal Being comprehensively Enlightened facilitator of the Garden of Love.

4) The Universal Integrity of Truth is all there is. Truth is the Only Face, Only Language and Only Holding of all there is, all I am, Possessing All, Expressing All, Clearly, Cleanly, Purely, in strong Healthy Harmonious Self Evident Well Being.

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One thought on “SUNDAY NIGHT TRANSLATION GROUP – 4/5/20”

  1. Truth is expressing and being omnipresent, infinite, perfect oneness always and only.

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