Translators: Mike Zonta, Melissa Goodnight, Richard Branam, Hanz Bolen

SENSE TESTIMONY:  Disagreement is inevitable when telling lies has become the norm.

5th Step Conclusions:

1)  Nothing is external to the gratitude of the Real estate.

2)  One Infinite Consciousness Beingness is the unalterable immutable foundation of TRUTH — according the unitary perfect template for limitless diversity of expression.

3)  The law and only norm is the power of value of Truth. All one can grasp with One Mind, take in hand, value, own, share or agree upon is the Truth. The wholeness and agreement of all Power, Knowing, Presence is Gratitude known and Valued, the Truth.

4)  Truths’ Pure Pleasuring Principle is to please its’ Precepts, because the eyes’ of Truth which govern life are full spectrum, this I am I, Individuated Identity is the Perfect Narrative, Gratus, Honesty, integrity on all accounts.


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