Translators:  Melissa Goodnight, Richard Branam, Hanz Bolen, Mike Zonta

SENSE TESTIMONY:  Structural distortion causes pain and may oppose rehabilitation.

5th Step Conclusions:

1)  Truth/Wholeness is unopposed, unopposable, undisturbable, the only Cause, the only Effect, effortlessly rehabilitating Itself at every moment.

2)  The Truth Being Self Evidently All Consciousness there is, is all I am, All We are, All Thou art, knowing and possessing certain secure artful, skillful, essential Being and expression 
everywhere always
.  OR:  The Essential art of Truth is all there is.

3)  All is One Infinite, Consciousness Beingness, functioning in perfectly orderly alignment, with the upright incorruptible virtue that is boundlessly expressing resounding resolution.

4)  Truth Is This SELF Instructed Built In Cosmic Consciousness, this Instrumental Zeal Actively Motivates with Purposeful Effort Being Creative Androgynous Super – Structure, THIS I Am that I Am, Individuated Identity Always Acts’ According to the Goodness of All Concerned.


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