Sexual Abuse of Sons By Mothers — A Former Therapist Shares

Daniel Mackler
Published on Mar 9, 2018 An exploration of a taboo topic. Some issues discussed are the range of abuse (from mild to extreme), the hidden nature of abuse, sexual abuse without touch, society’s perspective on men versus women as abusers, the transgenerational transmission of trauma, and mothers replicating the abuse that happened to them in their own childhoods.

One thought on “Sexual Abuse of Sons By Mothers — A Former Therapist Shares”

  1. “…re-feeling what I went through as a kid…” – great way of putting it.

    At the risk of telling everyone something they already know, the works of Alice Miller go into all of the questions raised here in great depth, and are very readable:

    Finally, something Billye pointed out to me long ago that has stood me in good stead in my own Work: for a child, physical, sexual, and emotional abuse (or neglect, which is a form of abuse, if one thinks about it…) all run together. To a child, especially an infant or a toddler, it all feels like the same thing. In other words, we’re all born with the ability to sense, to perceive, when we’ve been violated – in whatever manner…

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