School of Ontological Studies?

I came upon this quote which I found interesting.  The author is a long time 4th Way student who studies personally with J. de Saltzman.  This is an excerpt from a talk given at the University of Toronto.

–Richard Burns, H.W., M.

“Maybe what we need is a new department or faculty in this and other great Universities to focus the growing interest in holistic transdisciplinary studies: in von Bertalanffy’s “system of systems,” or anything looking in that direction.  We might call it a Chair or a School of Ontological Studies, in recognition of the central place of being in the whole.  It may sound strange to you now, but no stranger than a Department of Psychology, when that was first proposed.  At the same time you realize the danger, if such a Chair falls into the hands of “empire builders.”  They will claim everything as part of their whole.”

George, James (2016). Chapter 2: Knowledge, Being, Transformation.  In his book – Last Call: Awaken to Consciousness, pp. 49.

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