Releasing the Hidden Splendour class on March 13 & 14, 2021


                                                                                Moderated by
    Thane of Hawaii
                             Alex Gambeau, H.W., m.

Dates: March 13th and 14th
Saturday & Sunday
Times: 9:00 AM (PST) Till Early Evening
Place:  Virtual Zoom MeetingRegister online

Class Fees:  First Time: $125.00; Reviewers: $90.00; 
             Life Members:  Contribution BasisPayment Plan: Can Be EstablishedOur ability to remember or bring back to conscious mind the memories in life so we can tell our story, or relive/reflect on our so-called past, is a powerful element of who and what we are. We say “so-called” because all that we have experienced before now, in this moment in time, has shaped us into who and what we think we are, how we behave and act, the way in which we interact with people and events in life. If we have emotions or patterns where we are stuck in an endless cycle of repetition, or negative emotional reactions, then that part of our past represents where and what we need to let go of or release. Releasing the Hidden Splendour is a tool to do just that. Your class moderator will be Alex Gambeu H.W., m.

Releasing the Hidden Splendour is also referred to as the Let Go and Give-For Technique. As we practice this tool, we let go of stuck emotions and give up our false beliefs that anyone “did” anything to us, for a new understanding of the events unfolding before us to release our inner goodness. We recognize that all is within our own mind or consciousness. We have the power to change our memories of the past and see a new picture/outlook of our life:   Please call me with any questions you might have at 360.696-9120.
 Class will start at 9:00 a.m. Pacific time till early evening, Saturday & Sunday March 13 & 14, 2021. Please join the Class via Zoom:
 Email: Phone: 360.696.9120More about About AlexAlex was introduced to the Prosperos in 1969, I was looking for some answer to life meaning and my purpose in the scheme of the Universe. Then I met a wonderful and spirited lady by the name of Ruth Backlund and her husband who own a health food store across the street from where I was working at the time and which I use to visited every day and started talking about the meaning of life and she mention if you need a an answer there is a group of people that might help you point you in the right direction to find your own purpose in life; and there having an open meeting at the Knickerbocker Hotel in Hollywood on that Sunday. The speaker was Norma Keller. From there on my life has changed to an immense degree, I must say I’m not the same person that I used to be and having fun and wandering along the way of changes that have taken place in my life, is a very magical and mystical trip.   I received my High Watch in July of 1992 and have just received my intern mentorship in July of 2020, have set up a study group in Find Yourself and Live and 4th Way and currently studying with Calvin Harris, H.W., M.Now I am very excited to deliver the monitor tape class of Releasing the Hidden Splendour by Thane of Hawaii for you and hope you will join me. Please call me with any questions and I am looking forward to having you in class with us. 
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