3 thoughts on “Prosperos Pictures Scanned — Batch one”

  1. I was amazed to see people I had misplaced in dusty memory trails. Thanks for that….

    But unfortunately that person was a second ago, and I just realized who they were. Meanwhile, more images have flashed by.

    And some of these were sideways or upside down; some were poor quality photos to start with, too small or looking like they were covered with white. Was this some box of photos that may or may not have anything to do with the Prosperos, or were rejects from past Newsletters?

    And why so fast?! I found some sort of scan-rate control as I kept stopping it and trying to go back to an interesting image I couldn’t quite make out. I managed to slow it down, messing up the beautiful and affecting background song, but often I didn’t find what I was looking for.

    I finally gave up. It’s fun to see old photos, but only if you can see them.

    Didn’t anyone look this over to see how it would play? Edit it? I guess not or they would have removed what couldn’t actually be seen.

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