On January 20, Mars conjuncts with Uranus

“On January 20, 2021, Mars moves to form a conjunction aspect with Uranus and it’s an extremely dangerous red-alert moment. The strife, conflict, unrest, and violence that’s inclined to happen will erupt with cataclysmic suddenness.” https://astrologyforaquarius.com/articles/11329/

Let me explain.

Uranus represents all unusual aspects of life. It symbolizes inventive power, change, tension, and revolution. Mars is the planet of desires, actions, energy, passion, and assertion.I would say that Mars will be energizing inventive power, change, and revolution, and indeed, Biden’s election will certainly be a revolution from the ugly, heavy, mesmeric and fascist energies of Trump’s reign.

But none of this is deterministic. They’re just energies that we can work with and harmonize with, and that makes all the difference in how they play out.

~ Ben Gilberti

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