Some notes from “A Return to Eros: The Radical Experience of Being Fully Alive: on sex, love, and eroticism in every dimension of life” by Marc Gafni and Kristina Kincaid

“Shame is when sex stops short of infinity.”

“The great realization of the spiritually incorrect Tantric masters is that reality is allurement.  Allurement is the quality of attraction, which is the very fabric of existence.  From electromagnetic attraction to gravity to rungs of evolutionary emergence to the intellectual sex between ideas that generates newness–all of reality is moved by the intense allurement for contact, which generates new creations.  Way before sex appears on the scene, allurement is at work throughout the cosmos, attracting all expressions of creation to each other.  From the first nanoseconds of the big bang to the first quarks that generated your body, to your own life, unique allurement is what drives all of life.  Who are you if not your unique set of allurements?  Your physical structure is the composition of the allurements that caused its atoms to form into molecules, its molecules into cells and its cells into organs.  Everything in creation is attracted to everything else, and this urge to know each other, to communicate, to join and make something great, is the allurement that lies at the ver heart of life.”

“The word orgasm itself has been exiled to the sexual.  Orgasm, however, refers to a moment of radical clarity and aliveness in which all the masks drop.  In these moments the natural devotion and delight that exist between us all is nakedly revealed.”

“Giving one’s beloved the gift of one’s arousal is a great source of aliveness.  Radical intimacy is to let your beloved witness your arousal.”

“Paradoxically, the place that understands the erotic secret well is the world of advertising.  Even when television is bland and insipid, advertising is often erotic.  We all realized long ago that advertising uses the sexual as a primary tool in its campaigns.  Somehow we are meant to associate the beautiful woman and the sleek car.  Moralists often accuse advertisers of a great ethical wrong in this kind of advertising.  After all, it seems to falsely suggest that we will somehow get the girl if we buy the car.  I think we have all figured out that the girl does not come with the car.  Rather, the implication is far more subtle. On some level, this kind of advertisement actually intuits the Secret of the Cherubs.  The profound implication of the girl/car nexus is that the sexual Eros expressed by the girl is a model of the kind of Eros the driver wants in his means of transportation.  This profound and true idea drives much of advertising. It is perhaps more than a telling coincidence of language that these glamorous women are called “models’ — an obvious shoo-in for our theme! For essentially, they are illustrators of the metaphysical (and physical) fact that sex models the erotic. Their sexual allure is used to pull at the erotic string of our soul.  When we buy into the ad, we are chasing not the sex it displays but the Eros modeled there, the Eros we so deeply, if subconsciously, quest after.  Models, then, become a handy visual and linguistic reminder of the fact that all I am really after is some good Eros.”

“Prayer is erotic.”

“In ordinary love the face of the beloved closes you to all faces other than his or hers.  In outrageous love, the face of the beloved opens you to the name of God that lives in every face.”

“Eros invites the democratization of greatness.”


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  1. Dear Michael…
    Thank you so much for putting the advertisment and synopsis of this book on your site. It has had a profound effect on me.
    I have to order it!

  2. Aloha all,
    I agree, I purchased this beautiful book because of this post. I love the statement, (Radical intimacy) reminds me of Translation, and R.H.S. ing.

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