New Revelations on the COVID Death Count

AwakenWithJP… You’re more than welcome upload this video to any and all of your social platforms. Just download the video from the above dropbox link and then upload it to wherever you’d like! We’ll make the censors work a little harder for their money. With the stunning information just released by the CDC about the COVID death count, you might be wondering what to do. Should you be living with more fear or should you be living with a lot more fear? Well in this video, your trusted health authority will be telling you exactly what to think and feel. *For Comedy Show schedule and tickets: -My NEW Awakened Shirts are available! Claim yours here: Listen and Subscribe to my NEW Podcast here: It’s also available everywhere else you get podcasts. Just search and subscribe to “Awaken With JP Sears Show” Connect with me at:

One thought on “New Revelations on the COVID Death Count”

  1. Mike, Just happened to watch the above video this morning for the first time. I’ve been so aware of the manipulating of the numbers from the very beginning when Dr. Deborah Birx was asked about them from a reporter and she answered that “we are very generous with the numbers. Americans better wake up. This event has been an exercise in seeing how easily Americans acquiesce to STATE CONTROL. Sadly we have passed their test with flying colors. Let’s keep educating the people about the truth. Maybe we can open their eyes.

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