New Moon November 7, 2018

The new moon 7 November 2018, falls at 15º Scorpio decan 2. The new moon November 2018 astrology carries on the theme of the T-square with the Nodes but now it plugs into a learning triangle. I have already looked at what the T-square means in the monthly forecast now that its as moved into the cardinal signs. But this is a stubborn as ***k fixed Scorpio new moon digging its heels in and clinging onto Jupiter for dear life before it leaves Scorpio for good the very next day. The new moon falls on fixed star Zuben Elgenubi the southern scale of Libra and its closest aspect is a trine to Neptune.

There is a childlike curiosity to the Moon in Scorpio 2, it is also extremely tender and affectionate. The Moon is in its fall here, however. The energies evoked at this time are lustful and desirous, with much focus on seduction. The Moon here needs sexual relationships and adores the courtship process. Add in the inky depth of Neptune and we find great mastery of manipulation. Those touched by new moon might be lucky enough to find they can pull in anyone they want into their labyrinth of love. It’s easy for this Moon Scorpio 2 to put you under a spell, well maybe they have. This is the moon of sirens, the song that hypnotizes sailors.




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