My Cancer Journey 1/24

Ned Henry January 24, 2021 ·

Midnight. Been bouncing off the walls all night on a super Prednisone high, That’s one of the chemo drugs and is why I can’t sleep. I took it this morning and it’s still kicking in. Have had lots of energy today, and here I am no closer to sleep than I was at 8 AM when I woke up. I did take some sleeping pills. I hope they kick in soon. Never did get stoned. I was already kinda stoned with prednisone. Didn’t cath the news, Oh well. Mosly doing music stuff and I haven’ t even gotten to the Ride of the Valkyries yet. That’s next before the sleeping pills kick in. Getting a lot done. Prednisone is high energy and I have to take for 5 days to get the chemo drugs jump started. God I can hardly type at all. Just high on prescribed steroids. Memphis blues again plays on. I’m fading fast thank god.

God I’m confused, The Valkyries isn’t until Sunday night. I’m going to bed the sleeping pills are kicking in.

It’s noon on Sunday. Boy I was flying on Prednisone yesterday. I took my dose this morning and it will probably kick in later. That is a powerful steriod that makes you feel energetic and strong and high. Today is day 3 of it and I take it for 2 more days. It is a key component to the chemo and I guess it’s because it makes me feel better than I should after such a heavy dose of drugs into my body. This morning has been nice. Whole Foods delivered some groceries to the wrong door so the driver didn’t get his tip. Oh well. But I have food for the week. Pete might even bring something over today. I don’t know. I read 2 more chapters of Carey’s book. Just sitting in the easy chair. Laid back and listened to Bach piano and tried to find a state of meditation in a very relaxed pose in that easy chair. Took my selfie today. Here I am. You can see the changes.

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That’s the cardboard sign I made for the George Floyd protests in the background. I did not march in downtown Decatur although there was a march in my little town. But with Covid I passed on that but I did go stand on a street corner for a while wearing a mask and socially distanced and held my sign as cars drove by and honked. I did what I could. I read both White Fragility and How to be an Anti-Racist this summer. Both great books. The audio book of White Fragility is not as good. The narrator is not the author. How to be an Anti-Racist should be required reading in school. It is THAT good. We all need to read that book to begin to understand what is going on. Time for the Lesson today.

ACIM Lesson 23 — I can escape from the world I see by giving up attack thoughts.

This just came up on random play on a playlist I made. It’s 12 minutes long but worth it. Kasey I see that you are following me. If you get to this, then play this song for your dad. He sent me this album on vinyl for my 70th birthday. It was worthless to me since I don’t have a turntable but I sold it to a record store for $8. I think he will like the song even if my brothers won’t.

Pete just dropped by with a big pile of home made chocolate chip cookies and a big thing of Lobster Bisque with oyster crackers. There’s a couple of meals there and a weeks worth of munching on chocolate chip cookies my favorite. He and I may disagree on politics but he is a good friend who I value a lot and he values me a lot. He’s off to the play poker with the fantasy football guys and watch the games. Cris is hosting. He has 2 big screen TV’s on either side of the poker table so you can see the game from anyplace you sit at the table. It’s really fun to hang with those guys but I can’t win at poker. Just don’t spend enough time studying the game. It’s all math and probabilities. And different from bridge because there is much more of an element of bluffing. You really can’t bluff very much in bridge. You finesse but you don’t bluff if you’re good at the game. You really can’t bluff that much in poker either but people do do it in poker more. And you have to be ready to decide what’s a bluff and what’s not. I’m not good at making that determination. I’ll tape the NFL games and watch them and skip all the commercials and halftime shows and all the talking heads and just see the games themselves in speed up mode on Tivo. It takes me less than half the time of a game on TV to watch the whole thing that way. 30% speed up with no commercials and no halftime show. Kind of pulling for the Bucs (NFC South — homer) and the Bills. They deserve it and they are good. Anybody up for a Zoom super bowl party? Or even a super bowl chat open to all.

So I was listening to the album John Wesley Harding last night. A good Dylan album if you haven’t heard it and I remembered senior year in high school English class at Loyola. We had a young Jesuit brother as a teacher and he had us study the classic stuff but also contemporary music like Sounds of Silence and I am a Rock. Stuff like that. He also had us study this song.

This is a live version with the Grateful Dead and the words are hard to get. It’s easier to get the words from the album but I couldn’t find that version on You Tube. This was my first exposure to Dylan other than hearing Peter Paul and Mary sing Blowin’ in the Wind. I became a BIG fan. I have all his albums. You can hear Jerry jamming on this version. But the poetry is worth pondering and you can’t really get that on this on this version. This one is better for the words but no Jerry.

You can skip both. Hell you can skip anything you want and I know most of you do. And I am totally cool with that. I am writing to myself and I’m just glad to know that anybody might be listening. It’s almost 3 PM and family ZOOM call is coming up at 3. Not sure who will show up. It’s been pretty sparsely attended these last few weeks. So I’ll be back after the call.

5 PM — Small call today. Just Peg and Jan and me. Peg had a tree fall on her house in Olympia, WA this week and she is dealing will all that shit right now. The damage, the insurance claim, getting the tree removed, waiting for contaractors to give estimates, all that crap. What a hassle. Her sons, JV (the Captain Underpants obsessed character) and Patrick (the most kind and funny of really cool carpenters) are helping out full time. Bob, her husband is on my wall of dead people. Those are a couple of really good kids. But they all have weeks and weeks ahead of them to get everything rebuilt and all the damage repaired. Holes in the roof, sheet rock destroyed. Half of the interior of the house will have to be redone. And all during Covid. JV and Patrick will do most of the work. Patrick is a carpenter so he knows what he is doing and JV is a hard worker, and they both love their mama very much. Peg will get a check from the insurance company based on contractors estimates but she will hire the boys to do the work since they are covid safe in a kind of family bubble. They can’t do the roof but that is outside work so a contractor will do that.

I’m gonna go eat some of that bisque. I’ll let you know how it is. Back later (or not). I can escape the world I see by giving up attack thoughts.

6 PM — Lobster Bisque was Divine. Nourishment of the Gods. My god. And I have another full meal of it to have later this week. Am digging into the cookies a little at a time. Also amazing. Like Mom used to make. I want to make them last as long as I can stand. I could eat them all in one sitting but I don’t want to do that. Thank you Pete — even though I know you will never read this.

Here’s another Love song that came up in random play that I really like. Play it soft not too loud but loud enough to hear the words.

7 PM — I can escape from the world I see by giving up attack thoughts. I just listened to the lesson again. I’m sort of beginning to get it.

I’m gonna stop now and see if these NFL games are any good. I might get bored and be right back I don’t know. But I’m gonna take a peak. I can escape the world I see by giving up attack thouhgts. (That’s both thoughts of attacking and being attacked because the effects are exactly the same thing.)

So the first game is over and it’s 9 PM . I watch sports on tape in speed up mode and fast forward thru the commercials and all the talking heads so i JUST watch the game. Well, It’s halftime and Joe texted me the results. I read the first couple of words and I know who won the game. Thanks Joe btw. You created a unique experience for me. I did watch the second half and it WAS as GREAT game. and I’m glad the Bucs play the Super Bowl in Tampa. When I get stoned and watch sports is almost kinds like participating in a tiny way. I want to move and stuff. So I spend the game doing what I can to strengthen my body while being entertained. And of course being stoned makes it more enjoyable. I did write down one of those fleeting thoughts while I was stoned. Can’t remember it now but I’ll post it when I’m done for the day.

Good day today. Really good. Felt well taken care of. Here’s what I wrote down. Prayer is talking to your higher self. I’m gonna watch the next game and I am NOT going to look at any text messages. Out.

My Cancer Journey 1/24 #2

So for those who care about choral singing, I thought I would just post chorus notes for this week. I’m not singing in January and probably won’t be in February but Maybe March. Here are this weeks Chorus Notes.

Collegium Vocale

Chorus Notes

January 24, 2021


This is the last week to submit your video of “A Choral Prayer.” The deadline is Sunday, January 31. Submissions are starting to come in. Congratulations to Sue McConnell for submitting the first video (and it’s really good!). A couple more singers have registered.

Project #2 will be assigned early next week. It is more challenging that project #1, although it is in three parts (SAB).



P.S. An updated “Succinct Instructions” is attached. It guides you through listening to your submission before having to actually submit it. Thanks to Jeff Wysong for figuring that out!

If you want to sing, you need to register for MyChoralCoach

If you want to sing with us virtually this spring, you need to register. There will not be dues to sing this spring!

Please register before Tuesday’s gathering.

® On January 3 Kevin sent an email with really important information, including the fact that each of us would be receiving an email from MMS Choral inviting us to MyChoralCoach. Also dated January 3, that email was entitled “Kevin Hibbard has added you as a singer.” If you do not think you received that email, contact Kevin as soon as possible.

1) Tuesday’s Zoom Gathering 7:30–9:00pm:

Sue Briss is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Collegium Vocale

Time: Jan 26, 2021 07:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Please download and import the following iCalendar (.ics) files to your calendar system.

(I think I disabled the links so don’t bother)


Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 910 6427 4359

Passcode: vocalist

Every week on Tue, until Mar 9, 2021, 7 occurrence(s)

Jan 26, 2021 07:30 PM

Feb 2, 2021 07:30 PM

Feb 9, 2021 07:30 PM

Feb 16, 2021 07:30 PM

Feb 23, 2021 07:30 PM

Mar 2, 2021 07:30 PM

Mar 9, 2021 07:30 PM

2) User Guide for MyChoralCoach

Attached to Chorus Notes is a .pdf document that is the user guide for MyChoralCoach. Kevin recommends you read through it before Tuesday.


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