By William Fennie, H.W., M.

“This is a moment for Americans to show their best qualities”

Governments around the world are acting to contain the spread of COVID-19. The virus has claimed many lives already, and many of the stories emerging from early-hit zones, like Italy, are heartbreaking.

The Prosperos perspective on this crisis, and situations like it, comes from our fundamental teaching that all is Mind and Mind is the unfolding of Divine Intention. Behind the appearance of a possibly terrifying threat there can be only one reality which is ever whole, ever sound, ever complete. The threat is a challenge that motivates deeper thought on many fronts, not simply questions of how best to respond to the medical emergency.

The solution to this crisis is in Mind; it is Mind that will find the vaccine; it is Mind that is responding to contain and ameliorate the impact; and it is Mind from which all of our capacity for caregiving has developed.

Over millenia we have been faced with innumerable crises and we have always risen to the occasion – not ignoring the glaring historical examples of individuals who could not make that leap.

The Prosperos is confident that this challenge, too, will be met; that it will call forth genius and acts of astonishing courage; and we encourage our students to practice the tools of Translation and Releasing the Hidden Splendour, whereby we penetrate the sense evidence of material claims and release the hidden Divine Intention which is the one and only substance of life. There is no doubt that such work produces new insights in Mind, not simply for the practitioner but for ALL.

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