Man Offended By Rude Female Coworker Continuing To Speak Over Him After He Clearly Interrupted Her

June 26, 2018 (

ST. LOUIS, MO—Saying the rude woman in question “didn’t even try to let him finish his interjection,” marketing analyst Kevin Ferris took deep personal offense Thursday when his female coworker continued speaking after he clearly interrupted her. “God, I’ll be right in the middle of butting in and Morgan will just totally monopolize the conversation she was having,” said Ferris, adding that his associate raises her voice in meetings the second he tries to cut her off and insists on always getting the last word of her sentences. “Do you know how humiliating it is to try and derail someone’s comment only to have them finish it in front of the entire room? You’ve been talking for three seconds, for Christ’s sake! It’s almost enough to make a guy feel like what he has to say isn’t way more important than whatever she was already saying.” Ferris added that any woman who impolitely refused to be interrupted was a major obstacle to productivity, as she made it much more difficult to repeat her ideas 10 seconds later as if they were his own.

One thought on “Man Offended By Rude Female Coworker Continuing To Speak Over Him After He Clearly Interrupted Her”

  1. Well, with the way America has become a nation of whiners led by nasty whiny women, I’d say women need to be interrupted and silenced. American men made their worst mistake in giving women permission to vote. Giving women ‘their say’ is bankrupting the greatest, the strongest, most wealthy, most benevolent nation the world has ever known, and men built it. Now its men are allowing women to systematically destroy it with their nasty ungratefulness towards men. Women are on the precipice of losing every good thing men have worked so hard to give them. What will women say when they flip the light switch and nothing happens, when clean water no longer flows through their faucets, when there is no medicine and hospitals are closed, and their hipster grocery store shelves are bare? Since they hated men so much that they never married, who will they call out to when the large-scale rape gangs begin?

    Think I’m nuts? You don’t know history or even what’s going on in places like Africa today. It’s men who create and keep order, not rude, mean, nasty women who dishonor men.

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