Lunar Eclipse July 2019 For All Starsigns ~ Karmic Binds by Darkstar Astrology

Darkstar Astrology
Published on Jun 19, 2019
The lunar eclipse 16 July 2019, falls at 24º Capricorn decan 3. Includes what this will mean for all starsigns. Full Moon Eclipse is aligned with fixed star Peacock & conjunct Pluto. The tarot card is the 4 of pentacles and the healing crystal will be Rose Quartz.

Horoscopes at:
Aries 12:05
Taurus 13:18
Gemini 14:10
Cancer 15:18
Leo 16:31
Virgo 17:41
Libra 18:46
Scorpio 19:45
Sagittarius 20:37
Capricorn 20:39
Aquarius 22:45
Pisces 23:55

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