Lucid Dreaming Webinar by HughJohn Malanaphy, H.W., M. on March 28th

HughJohn’s Lucid Dreaming Webinar will be an exciting class! 


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We’re all swimming in our subconscious mind when we dream.With Lucid Dreaming, we bring the conscious mind to be awarethat we’re dreaming (while we’re in the subconscious mind) andamazing things can happen. Come to class and learn the processof becoming a Lucid Dreamer

Release the power of your Dreams!

  • Accelerate your Personal Growth
  • Understand the route to your conscious evolving
  • Solve Problems
  • Realize those “not so secret” messages in your unconscious.
  • Gain ideas to help in waking life
  • Turn up your creativity
  • Learn to interpret your dreams
  • Practice methods to remember dreams
  • Review of the Latest scientific information on dreaming and health

What you’ll receive with the Class

  • 4-hour class delivered via an online webinar.
  • Class Notes
  • Workshop 
  • Invitation to weekly Dream Group
  • Dream interpretation session with HughJohn

Class fee is $50 new or $25 for a review student.Once you register you will be sent 
a Zoom meeting link to join. Register at



We Look forward to having you in class!  


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