The Son-Rise program for autistic children

The Son-Rise Program® – A Miracle Of Love – Meu Filho, Meu Mundo, This the movie experience that created the ( Son-Rise Program, the miracle of love)> James Farentino the father- Barry Kaufman, Kathryn Harrold the mother- Suzie Kaufman. Operating his own advertising business Barry constantly crunched for time is reminded by secretary, friend that his wife is having their baby now. He rushes off in his 70’s ford bronco. And just in time to watch his lovely wife Susie, bare their new family member – Abe Kaufman, from the onset the infant child become’s ill, mumps, measles, ear infection’s that perforate both ear drum’s and create many concern’s about the boy’s hearing? As well Abe doesn’t seem to have any response mechanisms, at all. Obviously living in his own world of senses and very little if any response to other stimuli. Creating much confusion and many concern’s about Abe’s ability to connect with his family, and their family organism? The father begin’s his own investigation’s reading from medical journal’s etc,. Thus Barry find’s Autism, and read’s the symptom’s to his wife, Suzie, ouch, Suzie’s not ready to hear she has a non-normal child? Barry encourages her about the situation and she understand’s. Thus this loving couple request help from their friends to watch over the other children whilst they go on a nation wide search by plain to investigate so called treatment’s? Of course all they find are fossil treatment’s, even so called doctor’s calling their child a (thing)? So called Treatment’s like locking the mis-behaving child in a wooden locker, about 3′ x 3′ for hour’s to correct behavior’s. Locking several youngster together in one small room, 8′ x 8′ and leaving them together for hour’s? Forced manipulation like forcing their arm’s and leg’s to perform crawling gesture’s at the age of 8,9, 10 year’s? Watching the alarming facial, body language is humorous?  After all these frustrating experience’s and a doctor telling them the only solution is institutionalizing their child, home bound they went. Now Barry and Suzie are loving compassionate parent’s and sense there is a better way. Thus Barry and Suzing come up with a plan to put Abe in a smaller less stimulating room for his new therapy? They choose the downstairs bathroom, about 8′ x 8′ room. And Suzie begins’ rocking with Abe, rocking and rocking, while Abe spin’s a plate and flaps his arm’s and hands, Suzie counter’s with same action’s. All the while Barry is documenting result’s, and of course their are the other children feeling left out, and with their own challenges, Barry and Suzie encourage and invite all the help with Abe. Thus after several month’s and lot’s of loving encouragement, Little Abe begin’s to respond to stimuli, and even begin’s to express himself trying very hard to speak, and every instance encouragement is the response. Now Barry and Suzie call a local institution and invite a filming on their remarkable achievements with their son. And of course the crystallized reaction is to no avail? But Abe has remarkable improvements, and is responding very well to the point of becoming reoriented into his loving family. I haven’t watched this movie to the new beginning?



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