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Calvin Harris, H.W,. M.

Culture what is it? Some say it is something that the rich rescued from the back alleys of the gutter – like music, art, and sex and then took it and commercialized it and made it part of whatever passes as contemporary.  Culture produce out of the bowls of appetites modes of living and loving to satisfy the hungry desires, and cravings of a restless idle Class, and whose influences that remains to this modern day.

I say that might be one version, but look a little closer, come along with me as we thrust back in time to a life beyond your imagination. To Life’s mission, call it Divine intention, call it Evolution.

See what people did to desperately escape the future of what one was born into. Here is your chance to venture beyond the familiar and discover “Is it possible for the world to really be  like the secret visions that have plagued you since childhood?”  Visions many would believe to be heresy.

Are you the mysterious stranger who turns up unconscious after the lightning storm of what the future could hold. I can assure you this class will be like no other you have attended. Designed to reveal faces of fear: awaken intuition: and instill a growing desire for the unusual, to know the implacable hunter within you that has intrigued you like no other.

Cultural History #1- On-line 12 weeks,  one-and-a-half-hour weekly seminar – $150 –  seminar dates – March 13 through May 29, 2019. Registration is in progress now. Sign up by going to:

 siteofcontact.net –  select the Learning Circles tab at the top of the page  – hit sale – then purchase and then finish the process.

You will receive notice of the Zoom Classroom entrance 1 week prior to start date.

So, what do you have to lose, perhaps the restlessness of an idle Class?

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